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While on my morning run yesterday, I was listening to Joyce Meyer speak on discipline, obedience and rebellion. It’s funny how rebellious we can be. Rebellious to our spouse, to rules, to our boss, to God and even to our own selves.

She went on to say “You can’t be pitiful AND powerful. You have to choose one or the other”. I loved what she was saying so much I repeated it ten times so I wouldn’t forget it. This statement is so true. How many times do we bounce back in forth, flip-flopping around from trying to take control of our body and completely losing control of our body. One minute we are getting fit and another minute we are getting fat. You can’t be whimpering about your weight, whining about where you wish you were, and actually powerfully making progress forward.

Every time we dive into self-pity we allow excuses to slow us down or bring us to a screeching halt. Pretending we are powerless is pitiful indeed, but it’s also a LIEWe DO have the power to change our bodies and to change many things in our lives. And even though there are some circumstances we CAN’T change – WE CAN CHANGE!

Youre the BOSS!
The fact is this: The only one thing we really have FULL control over is ourselves, so we are in power whether we use choose to the authority or not – and if we don’t, then that’s what makes us pitiful.

I admit, I have griped about my own body, grabbed my stomach fat and said “I’m fat” out loud enough times that it really got ridiculous. Sure, I workout and all that jazz, but I was eating like crap at night and on the weekends – and quite frankly, as miserable as I was, I wasn’t quite miserable enough to do something about it.

Granted, I was only a few pounds over where I wanted to be, but it was making me look and feel crappy. I was beginning to dress around my body. You know what I mean – when you where clothes that are lose where you want to hide fat (love handles) and tight where you are skinny (calves). haha Yep! That was me.

Then summer rolled around and I had to get in a bikini. OUCH! Ok, maybe that was the one thing I needed to make myself just miserable enough to take more action. I finally had to come to that place where I faced myself with the truth. I know how to get in tip-top shape. I know what to do, what to eat and what NOT to do. I also know I can do it in 6 weeks. When I look at it like that, I had to admit, “what’s 6 weeks”. Once I reach my goal, I can go back to “maintenance” and pretty much eat and live very healthy with much more wiggle room to eat, etc. Duh!! What the heck Bon!?!


So, I’m claiming POWER not PITY! I don’t even have the right to be sorry for myself when I don’t take care of myself. Instead, I’m going to do what i know I NEED, not what I WANT – and be POWERFUL once again!!


…and YES, that’s MY face in the pic now cuz “I GOT THE POWER!!”


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  • Dawn Erdwein

    I love this pic of you as Rosie…Cause I’m rather partial to her. Thanks for reminding us we have choices. We may not always be able to control our circumstances but we can control our attitude and how we react to them. 🙂

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