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5 TIPS to help you out of a FITNESS SLUMP

We all experience an occasional slump where we feel sluggish, unmotivated, depressed or plain out tired. If this is you, it’s time to sit down and evaluate your situation. Here are some common complaints and tips to help you through a fitness slump.

“I don’t enjoy my workouts anymore.” You are probably bored. Are you doing the same routine everyday? Well of course you’re not looking forward to them! It’s time to spice things up. You may even want to have a trainer design a new routine for you. If you walk or jog daily, something as simple as sprinting between manholes or changing your route can make a big difference. The bottom line is something has to change.

Tracie Futch gets focused & gets results

“I’m not motivated.” There are several reasons someone loses motivation, but one reason may be based on your progress. If the weight is not coming off as fast as you would like, it’s easy to lose motivation. You just need to boost your intensity to boost your results. Commit to high-intensity workouts and strict dieting for a couple of weeks (like BCx Boot Camp pictured left). If you do everything right you’ll have a good weigh-in and get your spark back.
“I feel fat.” Even if a dieter has lost weight they still can be quick to indulge in self-pity. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to change your identity. You are no longer fat and unfit. You may not be skinny yet, but you are healthy. Instead of feeling like you’re the fat girl who can’t have pie, you need to hold your head up high as a healthy girl who has her priorities straight. People will admire your self-control and respect your healthy lifestyle.
“I’ve become complacent.” While some people struggle with still feeling fat, others become content with their new size – even if there is still weight to lose. If this is you, you need to put things in to perspective. How much weight have you lost to date? How long did it take to lose the weight? Think where you could be in a few weeks, or months, if you continue at the same rate? Why stop now? This is not a pep talk, this is science. You get out what you put in – period. If you think you feel great now, think how awesome you will feel at your dream weight.
“I have trouble making the time.” There will always be distractions. Balancing work, family or other obligations can be challenging. This is when you need to take time to prioritize. If you think for one minute your health is an option, you are wrong. If you are not healthy or happy everyone suffers. The time you spend exercising helps you to be a better parent, spouse, employee and friend. When life chokes out your exercise routine you lose energy, focus, confidence, stamina, drive, self-control and many other perks. Dieting becomes harder and stress begins to build. Then you do the worst thing possible – you weigh yourself. After looking at the scale, you begin to doubt your ability to change. Again, you are wrong. You can change – you just have to make time.

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