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Best Workout Shorts On the Planet

Ok, so I’ve been eyeballing these Reebok  CrossFit shorts for a while. Then I went to the mall to get a pair. I wore them once and immediately went online and ordered 4 more pair (shhhh! don’t tell Steve). The material is super lightweight and flexible (even great for squats & stuff!). The velcro fly …

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Butt Lifting Workout

If you want a good butt-lifting workout, this workout never gets old. It hurts just as much as the FIRST time EVERY time! ha! Before you get started, focus on WHY we endure these type of brutal workouts. Focusing on the “why” can be just what you need to endure one more rep. Benefits of …

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Fitness Motivation: The Hardest Step is the 1st Step

In my opinion, the actual run (or workout) is not the hardest part. It’s getting there. It’s putting your workout clothes on, and stepping away from the computer, kids, and responsibilities to START your workout. Once I’m “there” (whether on the road or in the gym), I love it – but it’s like there is …

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Motivation For Runners

When it comes to exercise, why do we even think twice about whether we should do it or not? Because we allow ourselves to fixate on how we feel NOW. Whether it’s how we feel physically, or how we feel emotionally, we let those feelings determine our actions. Yet, if we were to just focus …

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BEST FIT GEAR: Bonnie’s Top 5 New Reebok Releases

As most of you know, I have the privilege of trying some of the newest trends from Reebok. One thing you might not know is I’m not required to tell you how much I love their products, even if I don’t. I just have to test them out, be honest and share what I like. …

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Are You Training Your Best?

How much FIRE do your workouts have? Are you winded between exercises? Do you wish you could just stop for just a few seconds to catch your breath? Do you have a trainer or timer (like the GymBoss Interval Timer) setting a pace for you? OR, do you start your next exercise when you are …

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Simple Quad & Glute Workout

We are approaching bikini season so it’s time to take our lower body workout up a notch! Cardio burns fat, but weight training is what plumps up the bottom, smooths out the skin and minimizes the appearance of cellulite – plus it gives us the “right” kind of curves! Personally, I’ve always wondered why we …

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A Bad Run is Better than No Run

This past Sunday, Steve and I woke up early to run before church. I already knew this was not going to be an easy run. I had a killer leg workout Friday and my legs were SO tight and sore. Even still, I had no idea just how bad it was going to be. We …

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What’s Black and Blue, and Knobby all Over? The Newest, Toughest, Craziest Shoe to Hit the Ground

If you own a truck or a jeep, and you want to go in the mud, you put big knobby tires on it. So, why not put big knobby tread on your feet? Right? Well, that’s what Reebok is saying – and I’m digging it! I was checking out the new ATV 19+ all-terrain tennis shoe from …

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50 Go-To Exercises for Your Gym Routine

It’s easy to walk into a gym like ours and completely be overwhelmed with equipment. To be honest, it would even intimidate me if I was seeing it for the first time. As a result, many members don’t venture out much. They just use what they know – no matter how little that is. So, it’s time to start …

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