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If Your Body Was a House Plant, Would you DIE or THRIVE?

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” but do you really believe it? I suppose we just don’t make the connection as clearly as we do other things in life. If you look at plant life, there are several factors that greatly determine a plant’s health including nutrients from water, soil and …

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Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough

If I had a nickel for everyone struggling with their weight who responds with “I eat really healthy” when I ask them how many calories they eat. What that means is – they have no clue how many calories they are eating.  But they want me to know how clean they eat and how hard …

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20 Tips to Prevent College Weight Gain

It’s not uncommon for kids to go off to college and gain weight. Parents aren’t there to buy healthy food, fast food becomes an easy quick fix for hunger, and new freedoms with less accountability typically doesn’t end very well. I know when I moved out, Ramon Noodles were a staple food in my apartment. …

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Strong Muscles, Weak Faith

The only way to get our muscles to grow is to USE them. It requires effort. If we want to gain muscle mass it requires us lifting HEAVIER things, working HARDER than we currently are. Over time, the things that once seemed impossible & challenging are much easier. The same goes with our faith. Whether …

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Vitamins & Supplements: Are You Forgetting Something?

I recently started giving my dog my GNC fish oil to improve his coat and skin. Then I realized something. Ok, I realized a couple of things. #1: I thought it was silly that I don’t take fish oil, but I’m making sure my dog takes it. Of course if it’s THAT good for him, …

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15 Ways Fido Keeps You Fit

Some of you may have noticed I have a new addition to the family. (I almost feel sorry for my Facebook and Instagram friends who have to endure the million pics I’ve been posting! Sorry guys!) However, if you were one of the lucky ones who’s newsfeed hasn’t been filled up with all my pictures, …

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Small Deeds Trumps Great Plans

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” Peter Drucker “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Woody Allen How many times have you gone for a run, or workout, and thought “that stunk!” If you’re …

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Don’t Worry, Be Healthy: Why Worrying is Bad For Your Health

If you are a worry wart, you may be doing more damage than you think. Worrying not only puts a damper on your day, it is down right bad for you. Here are 17 reasons why you shouldn’t worry. Worrying Can Cause: Lack of sleep or insomnia Depression Anxiety Stress Panic attacks Headaches Fast heart …

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Obesity Exposed: What If Your Body Could Talk?

Every where we go we are inundated with weight loss commercials, diets, exercise gimmicks, workout fads and commercials for healthy food. Just by all the commercials alone, it is clear everyone knows America has a weight issue. 149 million Americans are overweight or obese. We suffer $208 billion in lost productivity and $46 billion in direct medical costs …

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30 Days of Motivation: 10 Ways to Easily Boost Your Fitness

One of the most popular excuses people come up with on why they don’t exercise is because they don’t have time, but what if I told you you could exercise during normal daily activities? Well, you can! Here are 10 ways to incorporate exercise in your normal daily routine.  1. Bend: Stretch your hamstrings when …

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