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10 Fast Food Diet Tips

If you are dieting, or just trying to make healthy choices, ordering a health meal from a fast food chain can be challenging – but not impossible. Let’s be practical here. In this fast-pace world, sometimes we need a fast-pace lunch. Unfortunately, new dieters panic at the thought of having to eat fast food because …

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30 Days of Motivation: Does Your Diet Need More Muscle?

If you want to tone up, you need to put more muscle in your workouts – and in your kitchen. The problem is, most people don’t know how much protein they eat – or how much they need. Well, after you read today’s blog, you will not only know “your number”, but you’ll know how …

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Fit Food: Eat Like a Cuban!

If you’ve ever done the Paleo diet, you probably had that moment where you were wondering how in the world you would be getting your carbs from. Since there is no rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, quinoa, beans or cereal – it’s easy to go into a full-on panic attack! I know I did. Although there …

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Need to Lose Weight? Eat Like it’s 1950

It’s no surprise that our eating habits have changed over the years. Meals used to be simple, and eating out used to be a big deal. In the 50s, you were probably lucky if you ate out once a week. Even our beverage habits have changed. Having a soda use to mean leaving the house …

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Food Is Fuel, Not Entertainment

Why do we look to food for entertainment? It’s nothing new. Countless Kings have held feasts that lasted for hours and even days – and honestly, we still do it. A feast like that was once in a lifetime for many, and now we dine like Kings and Queens every single day. God gave us …

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Fit Fajita Breakfast

If you have followed me for any length of time, you probably know how much I love Mexican food – and breakfast is no exception. Since I love fajitas, I decided to trade flour tortillas for egg whites and it was a hit! Grilled Filling: Steak fajita meat Fajita Seasoning 1/2 Onion 1 Green Pepper …

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The Healthy Salty Snack You Can Afford to Eat

If you’re like me, and crave salty snacks, then you are always happy to discover something healthy to feed your craving. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of salty healthy snacks available beside popcorn, so imagine my sheer joy the first time I tried edamame (boiled or steamed soy beans in the pod). My first …

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FAT & UNHAPPY: How Strong is Food’s Grip?

Does food have a grip on you, or do you have a grip on food? I can’t tell you how many people tell me they are so sick of themselves. Sick of not controlling their food intake and weight. Food clearly has a grip on their life and they are eating themselves unhappy. Today we’re …

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CALORIE ALERT: Burger Dos & Don’ts

So you’re on a diet and you are craving a burger. It would be so easy to say “I deserve it” or “I’ll burn it off”, but the fact of the matter is giving in and splurging on that burger can set you back in a big way. For every 100 calories you cheat, is …

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10 Diet Tips to Tame the Tongue

We all stumble. We all mean well, and still mess up. We try, and we fail – time after time after time. However, stumbling requires something: it requires action. Meaning, you can’t stumble if you are sitting down. Another words, as long as you are trying, you will stumble at some point. The key to …

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