Something New for 2018

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬ ‭

Change-Ahead-signWhat a great scripture for the new year!! This was the scripture of the day that popped up in my bible app on January 1st and it was the scripture that spoke to Steve and I four years ago, which changed our lives. Smack in the middle of confusion, God showed us that verse and encouraged us that he was on the move. Although we saw no hope or no answers, God was saying “I’m doing something new and you are about to witness a miracle”. And we did.

God is always doing something new. We just don’t aways see it, nor do we always respond correctly (living obediently and actually seeking direction). At the time that verse appeared to us, Steve had just moved out, he got shot and I was just out of surgery for an emergency appendectomy. Does any of that sound miraculous or awesome? Heck no. It seemed our life was falling apart. But, while we both were thrown into a hospital room together and circumstances were forcing our hand, we couldn’t deny God was up to something. The truth is, he’s ALWAYS up to something. We just don’t always see it!

Looking through binocularsSo, what did we do? We sought Him. We dedicated nearly every window of free time to finding out what God was trying to tell us and seeking direction. If he was about to do a miracle, we didn’t want to miss it.

If you are in need of a miracle, if you want a new life and a fresh start, it must start with putting God first. It’s the only order that works. You can’t put your job first or your spouse first. It has to be God at the top. If you do that, everything else falls into place. 

directionFresh Start Begins with Good Direction:

While I reflect on the past year and ponder what I want to work on in 2018, one thing I know is I don’t want to do anything without God’s lead. Whether you believe the stories told in the Bible or not, even the greatest scholars can’t deny the book is packed with wisdom when they study it. Most people just don’t take the time to actually study the Bible like they study text books.

Finance problems? Scripture addresses it.
Relationship problems? Scripture addresses it.
Trouble with kids? Scripture addresses it.
Struggle with food/drink? Scripture addresses it..

All the common struggle we have today people had 2,000 years ago – from greed to sex to money to being done wrong. It’s all in there and there is instructions on how to respond properly to all of it.

SO, what is my point?

My point is no matter what your goal is. Even if you don’t believe there was a Jesus who loved you enough to die for you, if we want more wisdom to excel in life and to make the right decisions, we should study the Bible like we studied school books to learn our trade.

More Wisdom in 2018

“Knowledge begins with respect for the LORD, but fools hate wisdom and discipline.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NCV‬‬

wisdomWisdom isn’t smarts. There are a lot of smart people who make really dumb decisions. Wisdom isn’t knowing more. It’s knowing how to properly using the information we have.

Most of us know a lot of great information, but we are just not applying it properly. Make a commitment this year to seek God as you pursue your goals. To put Him first and seek His perfect wisdom. If we do this, we will be shocked at how much different this year will look.


Wise Up! Not sure where to start? Why not proverbs? Proverbs has 31 chapters PACKED with wisdom for the first 31 days of the new year. Download the Bible app, choose the version (choose an easy to read version like the NIV (New international version), GW (God’s word), MSG (message) are some of my favs. Read one chapter a day and see what God teaches you .

Follow me on my personal facebook page for daily recaps of each chapter and my own personal feelings on what that chapter means to me.

Stay tuned for health and fitness tips for the new year – and, of course, motivation!!



Start Balls to the Wall Training

Rep Fitness Wall BallsIt’s so important to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, as well as take your fitness to the next level. A great way to do that is to add new and fun gear to your fitness tool box, like wall balls.

I actually bought Steve 2 wall balls, some speed ropes and wraps for Christmas one year and he LOVED those balls so much he took them to the gym. He had so much fun incorporating them in his clients workouts that he just couldn’t keep them for himself. So, this year we got some more balls by Rep Fitness.

I have to admit, Rep Fitness totally wowed us with their quality and their price was competitive too. Here were 2 exercises that Steve uses wall balls for. I especially love the 2nd one so check it out and give it a try. If you don’t have a wall ball, add it to your Christmas list!! A brand spankin’ new wall ball would make a fun Christmas present for any fitness enthusiast. Trust me! I learned this first hand and made my man super happy when he got his new fit toys!

CLICK HERE to shop Rep Fitness.
Watch the video to see a few of Steve’s favorite wall ball exercises.
Like my outfit? I got it from Fabletics. I LOVE their workout apparel. Check them out!

Have FUN!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Fit Friends

christmas giftsMerry Fitness!!

It’s already that time of year to start Christmas shopping! I hate to break it to you, if you want to get something special, you need to start planning and shopping now – especially if you want to get something that is custom and unique.

Get ready to start shopping right where you are, thanks to a few awesome sites!

Swift Sneakers1. Monogramed Sneakers

I ordered these Monogram Swift Sneakers from Shop I Love Jewelry and I absolutely LOVE them!! They slip on like slippers and are super light and cozy. This is also a perfect example of why you need to shop early too. Monogramed products are custom and require a few weeks to make and ship. These sneakers took a while to get here but ,TRUST ME, they were worth the wait! They have all the bling and shine and they look amazing on! I get compliments on them every time I wear them. This is just one of those things that prove the best things in life are worth waiting for. Cost: $38.00

Shields of strength jewelry2. Shield’s of Strength Jewelry

I have bought a ton of fitness jewelry, but this line of jewelry rises above all the rest I’ve seen. The quality is amazing and this particular piece here is what I got last Christmas and it is STILL around my neck. That’s why this is on my list again this year.

Their stainless steel jewelry has a nice high shine on it that really sparkles and looks extra classy. This particular piece, the Plate Weight for women, features a shiny trim contrasted against brushed silver parts with Swarovski® crystals along the trim. I hope to get the matching earrings and ring next! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

While this piece may be a bit more pricey, they have great specials often and also have more affordable pieces too. Sign up for their newsletter to be the first to hear about their discounts. Cost: $149.99

fabletics3. Fabletics

This gift is a brilliant gift – especially for the wifey! (MEN: TAKE NOTE!!) You don’t have to try to match up an outfit and you don’t even have to get out of the house and shop. You can get your sweetheart a subscription to Fableitcs, Kate Hudson’s fitness line, and SHE can choose what she likes each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Each month, they feature brand new high style outfits. She can buy one of the featured outfits for her special VIP price or piece together her own. She can even skip a month if she doesn’t see anything that suits her. It’s one of the best subscription sites I’ve personally used and their quality is awesome. You get super fashionable outfits that last. I get so many compliments on my outfits! These pants (right) are my newest pick! They are awesome!!! Cost: $49/outfit and up.

4. Mantra Bands

mantra bandsOne of my nutrition clients bought me 2 Mantra Bands as a thank you gift and I haven’t taken them off since. The quotes she chose for me were “Faith Hope Love” and “Trust the Journey”. Since then, I got another one for me and one for Steve that says “Anything Is Possible”.

Not only do they have a mantra for everyone, their unique cuff design makes them super comfortable, with an open side so they don’t bother you when you are typing on the computer or lifting weights. The come in silver, gold, rose gold and flat black (which is what I got Steve). Even though I wear them every day, and even in the shower, they have not lost their luster and they look just as good as the day I got them.

HINT: Subscribe to this blog to be the first to hear about my upcoming Mantra Band giveaway!! Cost: $35 and up, depending on color.

gym bag essentials 5. Custom Gym Bag Gift Set

Every gym goer appreciates all the extra support they can get and is alway looking for fun goodies to make their workouts more exciting and effective.

Some of those goodies can be as practical as a water bottle and sports towel or as fun as cute hair ties and headphones. Instead of feeling the pressure to buy one big item, make a fun gift bag stuffed with hand-picked items they are sure to use and love.

I personally have certain items that never leave my gym bag. Here is a list of what’s in my bag to help give you some shopping ideas. Cost: $5+

15 Gym Bag Gift Ideas

I hope these help give you some good gift ideas for Christmas this year! I have more to come so stay tuned!


10 Diet Tips for Soup Lovers

Healthy Diet Tips for Soup LoversIt’s soup season!! I love when it’s getting cooler because I love love LOVE soups, stews and chili. However, it’s super challenging to eat soup on a diet. Why?

First, it’s hard to log. The more ingredients you have in a recipe, the harder it is to manage calories. It’s easy to weigh 4 ounces of chicken and measure a cup of rice, but logging 20 ingredients is a challenge.

Second, if you are like me, you keep on adding a dash of this and a cup of that until you get it tasting like you want it. By the end of your soup creation, you have no idea how many servings it will make even if you did log every ingredient into your calorie tracker.

Finally, most soups are loaded with calories  because they are loaded with high-calorie ingredients like cream, beans, rice and potatoes.

Have no fear, your healthy soup master is here! Here are 10 tips to help you maintain your waistline during soup season.

10 Diet Tips for Soup Lovers

organic chicken broth1, Start with broth. If you want to cut excess calories, stick with organic healthy bone or chicken broth. Whether you make your own or buy it for the store (like me!), broth based soups are lower calorie soups.

2. Choose lean meats like chicken or turkey instead of fatty pork or red meat. I love to add ground chicken to my soups. They always absorb flavor so well and I like the texture.. Plus, it gives the soup a boost in protein.

3. Trade high-cal carbs for low-carb options. Skip or skimp on high calorie carbs like beans, potatoes, pasta or rice. I love beefing my soups up with hearty veggies like cauliflower rice, cabbage, spinach, collard greens and even broccoli.

4. Rely on flavorful herbs, vegetables and juices instead of fat and seasoning packs. low calorie seasoningsFor instance, fresh garlic, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, cilantro, cumin, lemon juice, lime juice, apple cidar vinegar, salt and pepper are all amazing ingredients for flavor without MSG and unnatural additives.

5. Follow recipes you love with some minor changes.  Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite hot treat. You can follow yummy recipes and make healthy ingredient swaps to fit your caloric budget! For instance, who says you have to make chili with ground beef and beans? I just made one the other day with ground chicken and vegetables. I only used one can of black beans and thickened it with cauliflower rice. I still used all the chili flavors without all the chili calories and it was a hit!

broccoli in soup6. Think outside the pot. Add vegetables you usually don’t put in soups like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, squash, brussel sprouts, etc. They all absorb flavor easily and can help your low-cal soup be more filling.

7. Skip the cream. Many soups call for creams, cheeses and other high-calorie items to give it that rich taste. Instead, use processed veggies to add thickness. The same way you can do mashed cauliflower, you can make a hearty creamy soup with blended cauliflower. Greek Yogurt can also make it creamier without the extra fat and it increases protein.

logging calories8. Sweeten the pot a little. We’ve all heard the saying “I’ll sweeten the pot”. We all know what that means, but let me tell you how I sweeten the pot in the kitchen. I add stevia. Adding a natural sweetener can bring even more flavor out. Whether you are trying my brussel sprout chowder or a healthy brunswick stew, a little bit of sweet goes a long way.

9. Log it and measure it. It’s tempting to just throw in the towel when you are making a complicated dish, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. SImply add every ingredient in your LoseIt! app as you go. Once you are completely done tweaking your recipe, grab a measuring cup and scoop out one cup at a time, to determine how many cups (servings) your soup made. Lastly, adjust your servings in your recipe to find out how many calories is in each cup. My last soup measured 20 cups, which was only 75 calories. Now I can eat it and log it with confidence.

10  Be patient. Good soups take time. The longer the concoction simmers, the more flavor comes out. If you are short on time, throw the main ingredients in a crock pot and finish it when you get home. Or cook your soup for the next day. Soups are like women, they get better with time. :)

Happy healthy cooking!

My Healthy Creations

Tangy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Brussel Sprout Chowder

Paleo Turkey Soup (great way to repurpose Thanksgiving turkey)

Turkey and Quinoa Chili

Married and Fitness: Why Two Is Better Than One

01-cover-us-2091Oxygen Magazine recently reached out to Steve and I looking for ways to help involve people’s “other half” in thier healthy routine to get and stay on track with nutrition and fitness goals. They said “we receive feedback from women saying their husbands aren’t supportive — they don’t want to train together, they don’t want to eat the “boring, healthy junk” that the participants are eating, etc.”

Sound familiar? Chances are, if this hasn’t happened to you it’s happened to your friends. Steve and I were so stoked to help since fitness and marriage are two of our greatest passions.

punching husbandI’ll share the link to the article in a sec, but I thought I’d give you another idea of how you and your mate can get on the same page. You need a getaway!

Health and fitness isn’t just about sweat and heavy breathing! It’s about relaxation, getting good sleep, discovering really good healthy foods, feeling good and getting reenergized. It’s also about education and inspiration. And, it can be fun, adventurous and amazing – especially if you are doing all of that at a beautiful destination.

While you can’t lose 50lbs in 4 days, you sure can get the education, inspiration and encouragement you need to mentally go back home and make a change together.

couple-deep-tissue-massage5 Reasons To Go On A Fitness Getaway

1. You feel better fast.  We reap what we sow. Even if it’s only for 4 days, your body will thank you for the healthy food, exercise and relaxation. You will wake up more and more rested, alive and energized each day. We live in such a stressful world where our body is often neglected while everything and everyone else constantly demands our attention. Our body needs (and deserves) love. Just a few days of quality healthy time away will leave you feeling ten times better by the time of departure – mentally, physically and spiritually.

couple hiking2. You can bond with your workout partner. Whether it’s a friend or a spouse, doing a wellness retreat with a friend takes your workout partnership to a whole new level.  You learn the same valuable tools, experience the same fun or challenging experiences – and you go home closer than when you arrived. You may even be surprised to discover you both like similar activities. Or, you may find brand new ones. Sometimes the hardest part of fitness is doing something for the very first time. Doing a retreat together is one way to try something new with the comfort and support of your spouse by your side.

yoga couple3. You are free of distractions. Most people want to lose weight and get healthy, but there are so many distractions constantly vying for our attention nearly every second of every day – half of them are advertisements for food that isn’t on your diet. This makes it super hard to get your mind in the right place to do what you need to succeed.

Once you check in, you will enter your healthy sanctuary and will be so much easier to be fully committed to soaking it all in. You will be primed and ready to go – and we will too!

group 4. You get support. One thing I love to see is the look on people’s face when they realize they are not alone. As people of all walks of life come together, they realize they all have similar goals no matter how different their physique or fitness level. Everyone encourages each other so each person leaves feeling more confident and empowered than when they arrived.

5. The effects last and last. The only thing that normally lasts and lasts after most vacations are the pounds that stick to our backside from overeating. However, a fitness vacation is designed to impact your life and make you better. Wellness retreats bring out your best, not your worst. What happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas, but you are going to want to take home everything you learn and experience when you attend one of our retreats.

DTC Red Mountain Spa various photosGet Away With Your Mate

fit couple selfieIf you need a fresh start or you need to bond with your mate and work to get them on board, think about attending one of our upcoming retreats like our Transformation Vacation November 30 – December 3, 2017.

Get It Right With Your Mate

If you are that married person who feels so alone and defeated when it comes to your diet and fitness plan, read Working Out As a Couple in Oxygen Magazine to get our 8 tips on how to get your other half on board.

The Imperfect Leader – 6 Tips to Making a Difference

Being an amazing leader isn’t being perfect leader. Thank goodness!! LOL! You can make an amazing difference even in all your imperfections. As I have focused more on leadership this year, it has made me realize just how many people can be leaders right where they are. I have met so many success stories lately and so many of them were regular people doing extraordinary things. Sadly, people often wait to feel more prepared or more worthy of leadership, but leadership comes in all shapes and sizes.

You don’t have to be a perfect mom to help another mom. You don’t have to have the perfect marriage to help other struggling married couples. You don’t have to have the perfect body to help others lose weight or get in shape. You can share what you DO know and what has helped you WHILE you are on your own journey to improve and grow.

If you desire to make a difference in this world, you are a leader. Most of us are leading somebody whether we want to or not. Parents lead their kids, friends lead friends, career people lead other career people. Even followers are leading somebody. SO, if you want to own that leadership and take it to the next level, hopefully this blog will encourage you!supergirl1


You don’t have to be perfect to be a good leader. Your imperfect life can be a perfect leader when you lead by example and aren’t afraid to tell people what you are learning along the way, sharing what you DO know and admitting what you DON’T.

Many times I run across people who would LOVE to help others get fit but they feel they lack the knowledge or the model physique to be a strong wellness leader. You don’t have to have a 6-pack and a degree to help people. You need to have the heart for service and a passion to share what you DO know.


leadershipIf you have lost 20lbs and you still have more to go, you can invite people to join you on your journey. When you realize you are on the right path, why wouldn’t you want people to get on the same path and walk with you? We are always stronger in numbers. Most of the time, I need the people I’m leading as much as they need me. I need the accountability and support just as much as they do. I struggle with many of the same things – a love for food and a love for couch potato lazy days! Lol


Though leaders go first, you have to expect to also fail first – and that is JUST what many people need to see. It’s encouraging to watch someone fight it out. Like a boxer in a ring, everyone cheers when the boxer gets back up after almost getting knocked out. Good leaders aren’t afraid of failure. They realize it’s part of the process.

Famous-People-Who-Succeded-Despite-Failuresali-get-back-up4. LEADERS GET BACK UP.

Life is hard and we need to be inspired by the people that don’t let life knock them down and keep them down.

Expect to take a few punches. Expect to fall to your knees. And commit to getting back up – not just for you, but for everyone watching who needs the inspiration to get back up too. Some of the best leaders failed many times. That is why they are so inspiring! We remember when they struggled. We could relate and we were encouraged to see someone get back on their feet.

dont wait5. LEADERS DON’T WAIT.

If you want to help people, don’t wait another minute. Don’t wait to learn more, lose more, achieve more. Help people on the way to where you want to go. Dream big and take as many people as you can with you!

In January, I knew nothing about natural nutrition. Adaptogens were foreign to me. Holistic superfood nutrition was for granola people (I thought LOL) and I had never heard of undenatured whey. Those are just a few things I discovered this year. However, I knew I found products I loved and that helped me get healthy again. They changed my body (inside and out) and I wanted to help others feel as good as I did.

I didn’t wait until I had a complete understanding of every ingredient. No! I shared what I DID know – which is the fact I found something I love that made a difference in my life and committed to learning more every day.


leaders learnLead, learn, lead some more, learn some more. I always learn the most when I’m leading because I study, I put in practice what I learn. I make mistakes along the way but I share those mistakes so others don’t repeat my boo-boos.

I’m perfectly imperfect and I know I can be pretty amazing even with all my imperfections – AND YOU CAN TOO!!

“We simply wanted to provide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.” – 2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭MSG‬

you don't have to be perfect

Red Mountain Resort: This Vacation Could Change Your Life

What if you could go on a vacation that transformed your body and life? 

boxing couple 2 copyBe Transformed

Are you burned out, stuck at a weight you are not happy with or just need a kickstart? Steve and I will be leading a very special retreat at Red Mountain Resort where our goal is to help people reach new goals and make healthy changes that stick. It’s all about transforming lives from the inside out!

We’ve been holding retreats for several years and our passion is empowering people with knowledge that can change their body and lives. I always say it’s not just about what you do at one of our retreats, but it’s what you take home from our retreats that makes the most impact.

We came with cautiously optimistic expectations and you blew us away at every turn! Steve and Bonnie, to say you are pros would be woefully inadequate. You gave so much energy, expertise, inspiration and unbridled passion. It was an experience I won’t long forget.”Laura Newman

DTC Red Mountain Spa various photosThere are a lot of wellness retreats. You can get a good workout anywhere. What makes our retreats special is the amount of knowledge you will gain. Making a lasting change requires more than just a few amazing workouts. Whether you are doing a workout or eating dinner with us, it won’t take long to discover there is one consistent theme throughout the entire retreat – constant education. With more knowledge comes more motivation to do what is needed to be done to get where you want to go.

Be Empowered

24361_388260883116_5501406_nYou will learn something new every day. If you are serious about making a permanent change, this retreat is for you. If you need help setting goals, this retreat is for you. If you need direction with your diet and exercise program, this retreat is for you. If you are overwhelmed and confused with too much diet and fitness information, YES, this retreat is for YOU!

“Steve and Bonnie have an infectious passion for health and fitness and a genuine willingness to share their experience with everyone they meet. Their warmth and professionalism makes them impactful life coaches and trainers. With the two of them in your corner, you’re sure to not only reach your goals, but also surpass them.” Chee Gates, Fitness Magazine

Be Impressed


DTC Red Mountain Spa various photos indoor-pool_CRP red-rock-guest-lounge_CRPRed Mountain Resort tops the charts! With over 100 awards and recognition including:

Travel + LeisureWorld’s Best Awards – Top Ten Destination Spas

InStyle, 2015 Beauty Black Book Pick – Top Spa

Travel Channel, Top 10 Travels Best: All-Inclusive Resorts for 2015, The 10 Most Slimming Vacations


USA Today, 10 Best Health & Wellness Resort


Yoga Journal, 10 Spa Vacations for Yogis

While the resort is breathtaking and has been recognized as top in its class, this retreat is more than just a fun weekend at a world class resort. This retreat has the potential to change your life forever. It’s not just an investment in a vacation, it’s an investment in your health and future fitness success. It’s literally the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

Awesome weekend, highly recommend, the perfect way to start a new program or jump start one that you feel like you be in a rut with.Trina Searcy

Be Inspired

295279_10150770248583117_590625225_nMany people don’t pursue their dreams simply because they don’t realize their own potential. Luckily, for our clients, that is what we enjoy doing the most! We are able to help you see your own potential, make realistic goals and help pave the way to reach them.

In addition to not knowing your own potential, another issue is people often lack the inspiration and motivation needed to even start, much less cross the finish line. This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you. A weekend like this can be the fuel in your nearly burned out coals that ignite an unstoppable blaze.

Be Ready

If you have been looking for a fitness retreat where the benefits keep flowing far past your checkout time, this is it! CLICK HERE to learn more! (Payment plans are available)


The Skinny on Protein Shakes Vs Meal Replacement Shakes

One of the most common mistakes I see people make is choosing the wrong type of shake for their fitness goals. At first glance, it may seem easy; “Just choose the one with the most protein and the fewest calories right?” Wrong! Here is everything you need to choose the right shake for you.

Protein Shake

drinking protein shakeThe protein shake is the most common shake. Unfortunately, the name “protein shake” is used so loosely, many people call any shake that has protein in it a protein shake even if it’s not really a real protein shake. Let me explain.

You see, not all protein shakes are created equal. You have protein shakes that are high in calories and fat for weight gain and/or muscle gain (like bodybuilders and football players). There are low carb, low calorie options created for calorie-conscious dieters (like me!). You also have protein-infused supplement shakes that are marketed for the older population (like Ensure).

protein powderIn addition to how much protein, fat and carbs are in your protein shake, there are many other factors to consider. For instance, there are different types of whey protein and whey blends. The two most popular are whey isolate and whey concentrate (undenatured and denatured).

Whey isolate has slightly more protein, gram for gram, than whey concentrate, but undenatured whey concentrate has loads of immunity benefits to support overall health, including far higher amounts of growth factors that can be effective for both athletes and “normal” people just wanting to be in good health. Undenatured whey is particularly good for people who are looking for products to support anti-cancer and immune stimulating activity. (Click here to read’s article on whey isolate vs whey concentrate)

Vegan smoothiePlant based protein for vegans, vegetarians and people who are lactose intolerant have also become very popular. Vegan friendly companies use a wide variety of plant based protein sources like soy, hemp protein, brown rice protein and pea proteins. However, soy protein is now red flagged as one of the worst sources of protein for muscle development as well as overall health.

Once you decide what type of macro nutrients and protein you need, then there are all the chemicals to consider. Do you want a protein powder that is filled with toxic chemicals and artificial sweeteners or do you prefer going the organic natural route?

Lastly, protein shakes are not ideal for replacing a meal because they are lacking nutrients. If you are looking for a post workout shake to be consumed right after a workout or at bedtime for overnight muscle recover, then you want to invest in a high quality protein powder. However, if you want to use protein shakes as a snack or meal replacement, then you need to get a meal replacement shake. They both are useful, but they both are very different.

This is my protein shake’s label for comparison.

Notice, I chose a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat powder. The protein is not extremely high, but I opted for a higher grade very bioavailable (easily absorbed) protein (undenatured whey) which is optimal for my overall health, as well as muscle development. Some protein powders boast high protein content, but are loaded with fillers or proteins that are not usable protein. What that means is you still get all the calories, but you may not be getting all the protein. 72 calories of the 90 calories are strictly from protein alone. 

TIP: Notice the label is small with few ingredients. No artificial chemicals, no fillers. Just protein and sweetener basically. 
IsaPro Protein Shake

Meal Replacement Shakes

meal in a cupThink of a meal replacement shake as a complete meal in a cup. A meal replacement shake is required to meet strict dietary standards in order to be get the “meal replacement shake” title. And, for good reason. It must replace an entire nutritious meal.

If you see a meal shake that is under 100 calories, that is not a meal replacement shake because it is too low in calories. Another thing to look for is if the shake seems to market itself as a meal replacement shake but it doesn’t say “meal replacement shake” on the label.

A good meal replacement shake should be very filling and satisfy all your nutritional needs, not just your protein needs. If you have a shake and are starving an hour later, something is probably wrong. To maximize absorption, and to give your body the fuel it needs to run well, your meal replacement shake should be loaded with nutrients just like a traditional balanced meal. As a result, you should feel full, energized and satisfied.

protein shakeMeal replacement shakes should be jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, just like you should be getting from the perfect whole food meal. Each meal should have the perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat. If a meal replacement shake is lacking enough macronutrients, you may feel hungry and unsatisfied. This is why you may get hungry one hour after drinking a protein shake. Protein shakes lack all the nutrients of a real meal. However, a really good meal replacement shake can keep you full for hours.

Expect the label on a meal replacement shake to look completely different than a label on a protein shake. A meal replacement shake needs to have fats, carbs and fiber to energize you and keep you feeling full. The protein content should be high (ideally over 20gms of protein) to support muscle repair and good health. Finally, the label should have a lot of ingredients listed because it should have a lot of real nutrient-dense whole food in it. Remember, once again, it’s a meal.

This is my meal replacement shake’s label for comparison.

Notice my shake has only 240 calories (which is a really low calorie meal) with 24g protein, 24g carbs (a perfect 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates), 6g fat, 23 vitamins and minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes. That is a LOT of nutrition packed in only 240 calories. There is no way you can get that in a lean cuisine, or even a home-cooked meal for that fact.

TIP: Just want a snack? Just cut your serving in half for a perfectly balanced 120 calorie snack!

IsaLean Meal Replacement Shake Label

This is the ingredient label for my dairy-free meal replacement shake for comparison.

Notice the ingredients include recognizable foods like brown rice, kale, beets, olive, flax seed, pumpkin, sweet potato, apples, chia and squash! 

dairy free meal replacement shake

There are SO many more things I would love to share with you but hopefully that helps you figure out which type of shake is for you. And, likely, you will want to utilize both (like me!) and this blog will help you know what to take and when to take it.

Click here to contact me if you would like more information on the line of supplements I use.


red mountain resortOne of the many wonderful opportunities Steve and I have gotten over the years is to lead wellness retreats.

All wellness retreats are different. While we will lead many different workouts, our main focus is what we will give you to take back home with you. That is why our retreats are focused on education, motivation and encouragement. We know if we can give you the tools you need to succeed on your own, the retreat can not just change your body, but change your life.

Steve & Bonnie Pfiester

More Than Workouts

Workouts are great, but a few workouts won’t change your life. Although we will be teaching a lot of classes including yoga, boot camp, kickboxing, power walking, strength training, injury prevention, abs and core and more, the most valuable classes will be on how to make lasting healthy changes that you can implement anywhere.

Our focus on education and motivation is what makes our retreats so valuable. It’s not what you do while you are with us that matters as much as what you take home with you – and it’s our desire to give you as much of us as we possibly can.

Exploring Together

transformation vacation at red mountain resort.The next retreat we have planned will be held at Red Mountain Resort in Utah November 30th – December 3rd. Known as the adventure resort, this property is surrounded by a natural playground where we can do yoga on red cliffs, horseback riding, biking, hiking, repelling, climbing, kayaking and so much more!

In addition to all the excursions and adventures you can experience, we can also just chill together by the pool or get pampered in the spa. A real wellness retreat should leave us feeling refreshed and renewed, so we should all make sure we are getting rest and relaxation too!

Making Memories Together

wellness retreatMy favorite part about the retreats is building relationships. Often times we are finally meeting people we’ve known for years online. It is so fun to spend quality time together and making lasting memories. And, while we do spend time together, we make sure too make the most of each moment – teaching and sharing healthy lifestyle tips as we go.

Eat with us. Train with us. Walk with us. Explore with us. Relax with us. If you commit to spending 4 days with us, we’ll commit to giving you everything we’ve got!!

Sweating Together

Although we plan to burn a lot of calories during this retreat, we promise we will make burning calories more fun than you could ever imagine! Workouts will include a wide variety of different exercises, easily modified for every single fitness level. So, if you are a Nervous Nelly when it comes to group workouts, have no fear! This is a stress-free environment, with workouts geared to challenge you but not overwhelm you. Once you have gone to one of our retreats, you will be able to enter any gym or class with confidence.

Book & Save!

CLICK HERE to learn more about our upcoming retreat! Register by Sept 1st and get $300 OFF using the coupon code below! ! Plus, they offer payment plans to make it possible for everyone to be able to do such an amazing luxurious retreat!

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Are You Dreaming Big? Are You Dreaming at All?

Many people don’t dream in fear of failure. As a result, they only set small goals in fear of never achieving bigger ones – which are the goals and dreams the REALLY want. In other words, they settle.

“Too many people set goals too low and try to complete them too quickly”- Rick Warren (From the Awesome Power of Faith podcast)

DREAMWe are often taught to set achievable goals. However, if everyone in the world only set goals they knew they could reach, no records would be broken, no inventions would be created and no discoveries would be found. Attempting the impossible gives us an opportunity to truly discover what is truly possible – not what we think is possible, but what is our real potential when we strive for better things, higher goals and bigger dreams.

While I do believe you need to have goals you can reach, you also need to set bigger goals, beyond what you believe are possible. It’s called dreaming – and we ALL should dream. So many people have NO idea of their potential. As a result, they set goals based on what they believe they can do. I see this all the time. People set low goals, but then they want to achieve them too quickly.

For instance, someone may want to lose 30lbs. But, the need to lose 70lbs. 70 seems impossible, but 30 seems doable. Or, they want to lose 20lbs this month, when 20lbs is totally doable, but it’s not realistic for you to do that in 30 days. Some people may set a goal to do a 5K, when a 5K is totally possible, but a half marathon is more of a challenge. Still possible, but will take more effort, more time to achieve and also bring you much more joy when accomplished.

This applies in all areas of life too beyond fitness. We want to reach possibles goals – and we want to achieve it tomorrow. We want to make more money – tomorrow. We want a better marriage – tomorrow. We want our diet to pay off – tomorrow. These things take a massive amount of work, and if you are bold enough to dream bigger, you will be amazed what God can do in your life when you dream a God-sized dream.

dream bigWhat is a God-sized dream?

A God-sized dream is a dream you can’t achieve alone. You’ve got a BIG God, so why dream small?

Big goals and dreams require FAITH. If we set goals that we can achieve on our own, we are basically saying we don’t need God and don’t even WANT to need God. Why in the WORLD would we want to exclude an all-powerful God that knows best and has all the resources we need? Whatever our goal is, whatever we want to overcome, anything is possible with His help. Even losing weight.

Overcoming Failure

get past your pastI have to admit, I always used to be a BIG dreamer. We achieved some pretty incredible things, from growing a very successful business and landing a role on 2 major TV networks – life was GREAT and exciting… BUUUT, since other humans are typically involved in your dreams (because they are involved in your life) – AND, because you are human and you too mess up – we experienced a ton of failures along the way.

Over time, as people let me down and no matter how hard I worked, my dreams crumbled so I stopped dreaming. I was just surviving. I saw no hope of digging myself out of the mess I was in. I lived in survival mode for 4 long years. I wasted so much time in survival mode, feeling hopeless and feeling like such a failure. I was scared to try something new. I was scared of failure once again. So, while where I was wasn’t where I wanted to be, I remained there.

Well, God doesn’t call us to just remain the same and just live to survive. Just because people let me down and just because I made mistakes, it shouldn’t mean I should give up on my dreams – or God. Just because I messed up and made poor decisions doesn’t mean I can start making better ones.

I’ve learned this over the last few years and, while it took a bit to get over the loss of a business, betrayal, rejection and failure, I slowly realized “all things work together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to HIS purpose” (not mine). While I started out right, I got off track and ultimately ended wrong. I failed.

Fail to Learn

FAILSometimes failure has to happen in order to discover your REAL purpose – God’s purpose. We learn from failures as long as we don’t give up. We needed a major reset, we needed to refocus (on Him, not our dreams). Over time, God has used failure to bring us to our knees, forcing us to lean on Him (when we should have been leaning on Him fully the entire time). He has healed my heart and grown me to the point I started dreaming again. I am trusting God and doing things now I NEVER thought I’d EVER do – and God is not IN it, He’s LEADING it. Ironically, my dreams have not changed much. What has changed is the purpose behind the dream. God’s ways are not our ways, but they are BETTER ways!!

I’m so amazed what God has done in our life over the last 3 years following His lead, and more specifically the last 6 months. It took a HUGE step of faith to start a new nutrition business. It takes a HUGE step of faith to obey Him daily. It takes a HUGE step of faith to dream again, but boy does God love showing off in our lives.

If you stopped dreaming, that is not how God desires us to live. I actually think it’s impossible to follow God and not dream, because as we follow Him, He gives us desires and passions. We realize that the sky is the limit because HE is unlimited. HE does the impossible and He does it through ordinary people all the time. We see Him radically changing lives. If He can cast out demons and turn a murderer into a apostle, He sure as crap can transform a person’s unhealthy habits.

It’s not about being rich or famous, or smoking hot and super fit looking. It’s about you being your best. His dreams always grow you and improve your life in order to impact others. A real dream is bigger than you. His dreams have an eternal purpose. His dreams change lives. Finally, I feel like I am getting it. While we’ve always been in the business of “helping others”, now we are learning how to serve others. Big difference. A lot of the same actions and same work, but different driving force and a much bigger reward.

Dream Bigger Than Your Ability.
Dream a God-Sized Dream – a Dream that Can ONLY Be Accomplished with His Help!

Big Dreams Require Faith

weight loss dreamWeight loss may not seem like a God-sized dream, but changing who you are is. Most people need more than just weight loss.They are overweight because they have to make serious changes to their life, not just their waistline. They have to change how they respond to pain if they are a comfort food eater. They have to change the way the respond to stress if they are a stress eater. They have to change how they manage their time if they spend most of their time being unproductive, unorganized and not having time to take care of themselves. They have to change how they eat and what they put in their body. They have to change their life.

Anyone can white knuckle it for a while, but a lasting change requires a change from the inside out. You will need help, you will need strength, you will need to know your value and that it honors God to honor your body. You will have to change the way you look at YOU, food, time, energy and others. Your weight and health is more than just a number on a scale. It’s a reflection of how you live your life. If you want to truly change, it will take faith and obedience.

If you want to make a lasting life change, you need a God-sized goal. Ask God to place on your heart HIS desires for you. I guarantee He wants you to take care of yourself. I guarantee He wants you to be healthy and energetic so you can live the life He intended. And, I guarantee He WANTS to help you, transform you and grow you. So, let Him do His thing. Trust Him fully – even with the small stuff.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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