Week 2: Daily Motivation

New Year – Week 2

Here is this week’s daily motivation. I’ll be posting it every day on facebook & a matching motivational meme on instagram too so be sure to follow me (@bonniepfiester) on my social networks (links above)! Here are the links to each blog this week.

don't worryWEEK 2 – A DEEPER LOOK

DAY 8: What Are You Really Giving Up?
DAY 9: Don’t Be Afraid To Aim Higher
DAY 10; It’s You Against You
DAY 11: Ready to Fail, Committed to Succeed
DAY 12: Uncover Your Physique This Year
DAY 13: WHat Are You Still Doing Wrong?
DAY 14: 2 Signs You Don’t Have Control of Your Diet


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Time-Saving Tip to Prevent Big-Time Time-Wasters

time managementWhen it comes to working out, one of the biggest obstacles or excuses I hear is “I don’t have time”. I can relate in many ways, but I can also honestly admit I waste a lot of time. So much so, I downloaded the Atracker app to manage my time and tasks better. This timer tracks what I do throughout the day, from work projects to housecleaning. At the end of the day, I can use their pie graph to see what is eating up most of my time.

When I’m “on the clock”, as I call it, I am so much more focused and eager to complete the task within my set goal. I’ve been much more efficient, focused and productive.

In addition, Steve has been more respectful of my time since he knows I’m “on the clock” too. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t help you make better use of your time!

Life is too short to waste time.

Read Day 5 of my 30 Days of Motivation to get your quote of the day and blog on using your time wisely.

30-day-fitness-devotional-book-mark30 Days of Motivation by Day

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30 Days of Motivation: Your Daily Fitness Devotional

30-day-fitness-devotionalEvery year, I share daily motivation and encouragement to help launch your new year and new goals. My heart is I can inspire to stick to your goals and give you a burning desire to make lasting changes that lead to a more fulfilling and healthy life.

I only share what I myself need first. I too need encouragement. I need to do all I can to stay on track and prioritize my life and day. I may be in the fitness industry, but that doesn’t mean I like working out or struggle any less than anyone else.

Spiritual growth and physical training requires a lot of discipline so it’s important we stay focused daily on our goal and what is most important.

I hope these 30 days are full of excitement, inspiration, enlightenment,

Here are your 30 Days of Motivation, complete with motivation quotes, tips and spiritual encouragement. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year’s Goals: What’s Stopping You From Fitness Success?

honest introspectionThere is always a reason for lack of progress. Unfortunately, it’s normally by our own doing. This is why it is important to take a long honest look deep at our life and determine what is preventing success.

In My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers said “To reach that level of determination is a matter of the will, not of debate or of reasoning. It is absolute and irrevocable surrender of the will at that point. An undue amount of thought and consideration for ourselves is what keeps us from making that decision.” So the question is, what are we refusing to surrender?

The Big Useless New Year’s Goals Debate

Thinking of fitness goals.We often over think things, we debate in our mind and try to reason instead of just simply surrendering. We know what we need to do. We just don’t do it. We are so busy considering ourselves, and what this decision is going to cost, that we procrastinate or refuse to completely commit. So we play like we are serious, but we aren’t serious and that is why we fail. Of course Oswald was referring to our commitment to the Lord, but this can be applied in any commitment.

When we aren’t where we want to be, there is a reason; and it normally is because we haven’t completely surrendered something required for progress. There is something we refuse to give up. For fitness, it may be food, a certain lifestyle, effort, money or time. For our spiritual walk, it may be time with God, relationships you shouldn’t have or a lifestyle or habit you need to quit.

Whether you are a Christian or not, these principles apply. Christians want success in spiritual growth and people who need to lose weight want fitness success. Success is success and all goals require a similar process. There is no successful athlete, mom, dad or business professional that didn’t have to give up something to get where they are today. There is no successful people who succeeded on accident. They gave their best. They gave their all.

What Is Your Road Block to Fitness Success?

success blockerWhat has been keeping you from your fitness goals? Is it the unwillingness to wake up early? Are you not wanting to give up your nightly glass of wine? Are you hell-bent on eating foods you shouldn’t be eating? Are you just lazy or are you allowing everything else to get in the way of your health.

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you have the time to invest.You just have to make time. And, if a food or drink is keeping you from success, are you really going to let food or drink get in the way of your health and becoming all you want to be? Is pizza and beer really more important than a long healthy life that feels great? Is going home to crash on the couch and watch TV really better than going to the gym and investing in your body, which is aging and decaying every day whether you want to admit it or not?

Fitness goals successThis is why reasoning is silly. There should be no argument at all for living healthy. It is the right choice. You just have to decide if you are going to live a life that is based on doing what is right and best, or doing what feels good in the moment. Are you going to do what you want now or do what you need to know for what you want in the future.

Your health is an investment that pays off SO BIG. You are worth the sacrifice. Decide right now to fully surrender and be sold out for a new healthier you in 2017.

TO DO: Simply commit to giving your all (complete surrender to your goal) for 60 days. That’s all. Don’t worry about the year, don’t worry about anything past 60 days. Just fully commit for 60 days with no excuse and no compromises and watch what unfolds!

Happy New Year!! #LeanIn17

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Read “Let us Keep to the Point” by Oswald Chambers.


Secret to New Year’s Resolutions Success: Assemble Your Fantastic Five

Find your inner super heroThe key to New Year’s Resolutions success is not going it alone. There is power in numbers; LOTS of POWER. And, I’m going to give you the formula to collect and harness that power so you can reach your fitness goals – or any goal for that matter.

The next thing I want you to do today is find your inner superhero. You have strengths. If you want to use them, you first need to know what they are. Make a list and set it aside before you read the rest of this blog.

By the end of this blog, you should have all the tools you need to put together the team you need to go to war with you, conquer your enemy and reach your New Year’s goals together.

Your New Year’s Resolutions Power Team

don't be lone rangerBefore I go further, I need you to go with me on this. While I may have some MARVELous (see what I did there?) analogies with comic superhero examples, this blog is extremely valuable for all mortals. Hopefully, my story telling flair will help drive home my points and stimulate your brain to think beyond the typical New Year’s Resolutions lines into a powerful life full of potential and results. So here it goes!!

If you have secretly set goals and not shared them with anyone in the past, no wonder you failed – or are starting over. I see it ALL the time! The Lone Ranger’s name may have suggested he was lone hero, but even the Lone Ranger still needed Tonto and his horse.

Listen, you need your very own posse. You need accountability partners. This is why I suggest getting your very own Fantastic Five. Yes, FIVE, not four. You need four super heroes and one leader, a total of five fantastic people working together to Avenge evil, fight fat and destroy your fitness enemy once and for all.

power teamNot only does every teammate have a specific purpose, which I will give you shortly, the more people you have on your team the more chances you have to succeed. No one walks into a battle alone. No! They bring an army. And, make no bones about it, the weight loss battle is real and you will get wounded in the fight even if you ultimately win.

While I will give you a list of my top five Marvel characters you will need on your team, there are many more super heroes out there. So, the more the merrier, but this will get you started.

New Year's Resolutions Success TeamYour New Year’s Avengers

Even Marvel knew when to recruit more people and pull different heroes from different comics together to fight various enemies. The Fantastic Four constantly changed over they years and the collection of heroes continues to expand.

The same goes for you. While you may choose one team this New Year, you may have a different team next year, and that’s okay. You just can’t do this alone.

On the days you are down, one of those five people will be up. On a week you gain weight, one of your Fantastic Five will have lost weight. When you want to skip the gym, at least one of you will guilt you into showing up or inspire you to get off your butt. When you don’t have an answer, someone else will. You need your team of New Year’s Avengers.

How to Choose Your New Year’s Fantastic Five 

fantastic four fitnessYou must choose your Fantastic Five carefully if you want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t have to be besties. They don’t even have to live in the same state. You can even recruit people from friends online you have never even met. Getting your five during this time of year is easy. EVERYONE needs results and everyone wants help. They key to a successful team, you can really MARVEL about (See what I did there…again? I’m on FIRE!), is choosing five COMPLETELY different superheroes.

Remember, there were no twinning heroes in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. So, here are my top choices from all the Marvel super heroes and characters to have in your goal-crushing crew.

Let’s get started. Pull out your inner superhero notes and think about which one of these five characters fits you best. As you are reading the list, take note of who else pops up in your head as you go down the list of heroes.

1. Mr. Fantastic (Mister Elastic)

mr fantasticFamous Quote: “I want to be the first person to teleport.”

Mr. Fantastic not only a dreamer (AKA: New Year’s Resolutions goal-setter), he was elastic. He could stretch his arms out as far as he wanted and reform his body to get in and out of nearly any situation.

Your Mr. Fantastic has to have a good reach. They are social, not shy and they will call you out in a heartbeat. They’ll reach out to you when you go MIA and they will even pick your butt up if that’s what it takes. Though it’s great to find someone locally, they might just be a facebook friend with the special ability to inspire you from afar.

2. Human Torch

Famous Quote: “The failures of my generation are the opportunities of yours.”

human torch Franklin Storm saw mistakes as an opportunity to learn. This superhero is not only a positive thinker, the Human Torch is on FIRE! They light up a room with their energy and are hot on the trail to success. Every group needs a energetic go-getter like the Human Torch.

Your Torch may already be into fitness and workout regularly, but even the Human Torch needs support and encouragement. If you know someone that fits this description, don’t let their fire scare you. You won’t get burned. Just because they seem to be in control, you have no idea what they are fighting – and they may need you by their side.

While the Human Torch may be more likely to be active, the key characteristic is not physical energy. It’s emotional energy. They need to be positive and a light. They will be the cheerleader of the group.

3. The Invisible Woman (Sue Storm)

quiet woman tipsFamous Quote: “There’s patterns in everything.”

The Invisible Woman analyses her surroundings. She is the person you pass by and don’t even realize they are there. She is quiet but intelligent, and obscure but powerful. This person might even be you!

You never should underestimate the Invisible Woman. Although she may be quite, she may have the potential to bring the most to the table in a small intimate setting. She tends to open up more (and drop her shield) in small safe groups, exposing hidden talents and unique strengths that will complete your team.

The Invisible Woman may not be very “visible” on social media, but she has serious recon skills. She likely stalks people’s pages, collects valuable information, seems to know everything about everything and can discover some incredible information for the team’s success.

thing4. Thing (the “tough guy”)

Famous Quote: “Grow up, flame brain!” (Directed to the Torch)

Everyone knows the Thing is hard as nails and super strong, but that is not why I love the Thing. Your Thing doesn’t necessary need to be strong in muscular strength, but strong in character.

This guy or gal is a tough-skinned, honest, tell-it-like-it is kind of person who cares more about you than what you think about them. They’ll lame ya to save ya. You know what they say, “the truth hurts” but they also say “the truth will set you free”. Your Thing will hit you with truths you need to hear with a real genuine tough-love approach. They are solid, dependable, loyal and loving. I mean look at that face! You gotta love him!

your fitness super agent5. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in Charge
(Phil Coulson)

Famous Quote: “We only get one shot at this, so let’s go over the plan one more time to make sure we’re clear on exactly what we’re doing, okay?”

When it comes to setting New Year’s Resolutions, you gotta have a leader. That is why I chose the S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent, Phil Coulson as my final member of my New Year’s Avengers.He’s brave, he’s experienced, he knows what he’s up against and he’s willing to invest in others to help them become all they can be. He’s the ultimate leader for success.

You need a Phil Coulson, someone in your group who actually knows what they are doing or, at least, is brave enough to try. They don’t have to be a pro, but your Agent could also be your trainer or even someone in the gym. Your own S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent may just be a really strong leader and organizer, who believes in their team even more than they believe in themselves. That is what I always loved about Phil Coulson. He saw his people’s potential and always saw the best in them. And, he never gave up on them.

Someone has to call the shots, make suggestions, create a plan and take the lead. The Agent is powerless without their “Fantastic Four” – no team, no Avengers. But, together, you’ll be unstoppable.

Next Steps

shield think tankNow, are you ready to build your team? Don’t just read this blog and exit out your browser with only good intensions to put what you have learned into action. Reaching your goal has to be very intensional.

Create your list of people who you will reach out to and plan to recruit. Hop on your favorite super social media platform, share this blog and start recruiting. If you are missing a person to fill a spot, put out an “ad” describing the position and see what comes in. YOU NEVER KNOW!

Once you have completed recruiting, design a plan to all connect each week. Whether you use Zoom video conferencing or you create a private facebook group, you have to all come together regularly for the best results.

Lastly, comment below and let me know if you are going to commit to my “Pfantastic Pfive” plan. ;)

Remember, there is power in public commitments. Don’t do this quietly. No superhero did anything quietly. No! EVERYONE knows when they come in on the scene!!



Christmas Weight Gain: A Trainer’s Post-Christmas Story

I post this story every year as everyone can relate to overeating around the Holidays. We wake up after Christmas with an extra gift we didn’t ask for – weight gain. Well, if this is you (and it SURE is ME!), you aren’t alone!

I hope this little “story” makes you giggle and reminds you that there are tons of people out there, just like me, who are gearing up to help people just like you get fit after Christmas! <3

Christmas weight gain

Top 30 Last-Minute Fitness Gift Ideas

christmas giftsYou’ve run out of time and now you are stuck trying to get your special fitness junkie the perfect gift, but you have to get it locally. Well, have no fear! Bonnie is here!

Here are my top 30 gift ideas you can find at any department store, sporting good store, electronics store or discount department store (like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx). PLUS, 15 of my favorite websites for shopping online too!
30 Last Minute Fitness Gifts 1. Gym Membership
2. Yoga Mat
3. Bluetooth Headphones
4. Activity Tracker
5. Gym Bag
6. Fun Workout Tank
7. Decorative Water Bottle
8. Tennis Shoes
9. Protein Bars
10. Personal Training
11. Massage
12. Hair Ties & Headbands
13. Gym Socks
14. Decorative Shoe Laces
15. Gym Towel
16. Dumbbells/Kettlebells
17. Food Scale
18. Fitness Magazines
19. Lifting Gloves & Accessories
20. Lunch Bag/Cooler
21. Leggings
22. Smartphone Armband
23. Foam Roller
24. Jump Rope
25. KT Tape
26. Blender or Juicer
27. Weight Scale
28. Compression Gear
29. Electronic Massager
30. Bath & Body Products

Top 15 Online Fitness Shopping Site

1. www.shieldsofstrength.com – Beautiful Fitness Jewelry
Buff Box2. www.livewell360.com – Killer High-Quality Gym Bags
3. www.bodylastics.com – The Best Workout Bands in the Biz!
4. www.pfitblog.com/shop – My New Fitness Line!
5. www.case-mate.com – Fancy Phone Cases
6. www.luvfitjewelry.com – Motivational jewelry
7. www.madewithloveproject.com – Bracelets for a Cause
8. www.qalo.com – Silicone Rings for Lifting
9. www.gallongear.com – Gallon Coozie
10. www.isolatorfitness.com - Isopack Meal Prep Bags
11. www.justlive.com – Awesome leggings
12. www.buffboxx.com - Monthly Fitness Gift Box
13. www.polar.com – The Best Heart Rate Monitors
14. www.fabletics.com – Monthly Fitness Apparel Subscription
15. www.liveexercise.com – The Best Training & Workouts Online

Want to add a suggestion? Post your top favs below so I can check them out too!

The Perfect Coffee Cup for Christmas

coffee loverAs a big-time coffee drinker myself, I know how finicky people can be about their coffee cups. While I’ll drink coffee out of any type of mug, I definitely have a favorite style of coffee cup I prefer.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve accumulated a ton of coffee mugs over the years. Most I’ve purchased myself and many were gifts. Although I am not short on coffee cups, I seem to gravitate to the same 2-3 mugs.

Since coffee cups make great gifts, I thought I’d help you find the perfect mug for your special someone!

Beauty Beast MugHis & Hers

Steve and I have different preferences when it comes to mugs. I like the dainty ones with a small diameter. I enjoy my coffee piping hot, so I like to pour only a small amount at a time (hence the small mug).

Steve, however, isn’t as concerned about temperature, but he loves a mug that feels good in his hands. It’s all about the experience for him. A nice smooth thick handle with a rounded bottom and a wider top makes him want to cradle it with his hands as he enjoys the warmth of the cup. He also loves the texture of the pottery. He prefers flat textured glazes over smooth shiny china-type surfaces. He wants a manly cup.

Me? I am less about the holding experience and more about the taste. I like to take small hot sips. Coffee makes me hot so I don’t drink it fast and I’m not going to be cupping the coffee mug in my hands. I prefer to use the handle, taking occasional sips, so the handle is important. It must be smooth and comfortable. No squared off edges or shapes.

funny coffee mugThis or That, Here or There

There are different mugs for different reasons and different places. Steve and I both love cute sayings or messages on the cups, especially if we keep the mug at work. It’s more important for us to keep track of our mug than to enjoy the whole coffee connoisseur experience like we would at home. At work, it’s about not losing your mug, having a fun cup that sparks conversation and having something that won’t leave you in tears if you lose it.

At the gym, a mug with a lid keeps it hotter and helps to avoid spills. Travel mugs are also great at work. However, travel mugs are a different animal, with all kinds of other options.

I don’t like plastic, I like metal or ceramic. They tend to keep coffee hotter longer. Some come with handles and some without. There are skinny mugs and fat mugs, but how great is a travel mug if it’s doesn’t fit in the cup holder of your car? Or, how about this one. Have you ever had a travel mug that is so tall and skinny it topples over as soon as you pull out of your driveway? With that said, a travel mug must “travel” well. So, it must be as practical as it is comfortable.

I personally love little thermoses so I can bring my hot coffee from home with me on the road or to work. That way I’m not wasting what’s left in the pot, and I can keep topping my cup off with the hot stuff. This way, I can drink out of my favorite cup AND still have lots of hot coffee at my disposal.

Which Cup Are You?

Maybe I’m over-thinking the whole coffee drinking experience, but I thought creating a post like this would be a good way for you to find out what kind of coffee drinkers your friends are.

Simply post this picture below in your facebook or instagram feed and ask your peeps what type of cup-lover they are. It’s a sneaky way to find out what kind of Christmas gift you can get your favorite coffee-loving friends!

By the way, I’m a 3 or a 7. Steve’s a 1, 5 and 12. LOL! :)


7 Healthy Holiday Time-Savers

Bonnie Pfiester and DanesTis the season for being busy! Fa La La La Laaa La La La Laa!

So you want to stay fit AND still survive Christmas? You aren’t alone! Here are a few tips to help you make it through one of the busiest seasons of the year.

1. Double up! I’ve been so busy so I haven’t been able to go to the gym as much as I want so I try to make the most of my time while I am there. If you are accustomed to doing one or two body parts, double up and do more. For instance, hit the whole upper body one day and lower body another day instead of just doing chest or arms. This will keep you nice and firm over the holidays and avoid any one body part getting left out.

firstthingsfirst2. Prioritize. If you need to lose body fat, then make cardio your first priority. Many times we do what we WANT and not what we NEED. Let your goals determine your prioritizes, not what is easy, fun or convenient.

3. Do More Scardio. Scardio is what Steve playfully calls cardio and strength when it’s combined in one workout. If you want to get the most out of your gym time, do more HIIT training and circuit training so you burn fat and tone up all in one workout.

4. Save Time with Food Prep: Set aside one hour on the weekend to cook food and plan meals. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself going out to eat because or cooking a meal from scratch because you are out of options (all taking more of your time!). We aren’t going to have as much time to cook during this busy season, so make soups and meals that are easy to heat up so you don’t waste time cooking every day.

5. Diet During the Week. It’s unrealistic, for some, to even think about dieting but you can at least try! If you know you have a party Saturday, diet during the week to save calories. The better you are with your eating, the less guilty you will feel and the less time you’ll have to spend at the gym burning off your mistakes.

gym friends6. Mix Friends, Family and Fitness. Many people don’t go to the gym because they have family in town. Bah humbug! Take them with you or go for a walk or jog together. You can have some amazing fellowship time and get a workout in all at once!

7. Go disposable. Don’t spend all your spare time doing dishes. Go with paper this year. This is what I did for Thanksgiving and I’m SO glad I did! I got to spend more time with family and less time in the kitchen doing dishes!

8. Workout at home. So you don’t have time to go to the gym? Workout at home!! If you live in a big city, it could take you an extra hour just in travel time round trip. Save the time and log in to LiveExercise.com. There are thousands of shows including our BCx Boot Camp show!

shopping_online_9. Shop Online. Shopping takes time! If you procrastinate, you won’t have the luxury of shopping online – and shopping will actually take a lot more time if you are doing it by foot. I know because I normally do this every year, but not this year!! Join me and start shopping online right now, and get all your shopping done from home!

10. Learn to Say No. You can’t do it all so don’t try. People understand you can’t make it to every Christmas party or function. Don’t try to kill yourself trying to do it all. Stick to what is most important and sincerely apologize for anything you can’t do. If they don’t understand, they are not a real friend. Your sanity, health and family is more important than making a public appearance or going the extra mile out of guilt. You are only human. Breath. Smile. And say “I’m so sorry. I wish I could, but I can’t”

The only way to find more time is to make it. Apply these tips and take the extra unnecessary stress out Christmas this year!

15% OFF New “I Will Beat Her” Designer Activewear

I will beat her It’s HERE! My “I Will Beat Her” premiere fitness line is officially released!

Every eco-friendly item is made with loving care, using only the highest quality sweat wicking fabrics – designed and created right here in America.

You can literally look as good AFTER your workout as you did when you walked in the gym. This outfit virtually shows zero proof of sweat, so no ugly brat top sweat marks or wet bottoms! You will look as sharp leaving the gym as you did coming in – minus the wet gym hair and running mascara!

Everyone who orders within the next 30 days will get 15% OFF with my discount code: BONNIE15


OUTFIT 1: The Original “I WIll Beat Her” line:

TANK – I’m a girl, so I HAD to offer a splash of pink with my beast mode message! We can be tough by sweet too! This first outfit combines black, charcoal, pink and white for a perfect pfit chick color combo!

Both of my tank tops feature the “I WILL BEAT HER” message on the front, with the entire motivational mantra on the back saying,

“I will beat her. I will train harder. I will eat cleaner. I know her weaknesses. I know her strengths. I’ve lost to her before, but not this time. She is going down. I have the advantage because I know her well. She is the old me.” – Bonnie Pfiester

Note: I am wearing a large tank in the photos, for a light and loose feel. These tops get softer with every wash so wash away! It only gets better and better.

3/4 LEGGINGS – These leggings are amazing! They have a nice wide waistband and are trimmed with a pink line that is strategically placed to make your butt and legs look amazing. Seeing is believing. You’ll just have to trust me on this one!  START SHOPPING!


Outfit 2: The Black & White Slogan

This is probably my favorite outfit below. This tank is not only amazingly soft and light weight, but it drapes so nicely on the body and has such a great relaxed feel. It is slightly cropped so it gives you that nice trendy look, without showing too much. I must confess, I’m about 10 pounds heavier right now than I normally am. However, last time I wore this, someone told me they could tell I had lost weight. I have to laugh and I told them it just had to be the leggings! ha!! I literally could wear this outfit every day – even on my fat days!  START SHOPPING!

Note: I’m wearing a medium tank in these photos. This tank is a looser fit and feel (but SO lovely!). I am 5’9″ tall and 145lbs so I’m not a small girl by any means, just in case you are wondering. I personally do not like my clothing tight. I am all about the comfort! However, you can choose a smaller top to give you an edgier fit look. This top simply looks great on everyone! I’d wear it every day if I could get away with it!

I WILL BEAT HER  I Will Beat Her

SHARE this post for a chance to WIN a new “I Will Beat Her” item!
Use the #iwillbeather hashtag so I can find you and track you down!

Please tag me in posts as you start getting items in. I can’t wait to see everyone in my gear!!


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