The Single Best Fitness Rule For Faster Results

There’s no big secret that I have always hated doing legs. “Hated” isn’t even a good description of how I felt about leg day. I LOATHED it. I hated doing it and I hated the two-three days of pain that always followed even more.

Have you seen these ridiculously long leg bones I have? It’s such a long way down when I squat and lunge my way through my workout. The way I see it, since my legs are longer, I have to work harder. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Ha!

Knowing my feelings about leg day, guess what body part that needs more work? Yep! You guessed it! My glutes and legs. Go figure! So, earlier this year, I made a pact to train them twice as often as my other body parts and to always train them first.

“RULE #1: Do what you need most FIRST and MORE often.” – Bonnie

PriorityWe all tend to gravitate toward what is easiest or what we are good at. My shoulders are strong, so I enjoy doing shoulders. But, I don’t have cellulite on my shoulders. LOL! I like the elliptical because it’s easy, but running burns more calories and shapes me up faster.

The things I need to do are very different than the things I want to do. But, guess what?! Since I applied this little rule “do what you need most first and more often”, I’ve seen crazy results.

Not only am I seeing progress, I don’t hate leg day near as much as I used to. Why? Because I’m improving. It’s simple. We often avoid the stuff we are bad at. But, if we do it anyway, we will get better at it – and the better at it we get, the more we’ll enjoy it.

Surprise, Surprise!

1-let deadliftsSo, now I actually enjoy leg day. What?! You heard me! I actually LIKE doing legs. I might not enjoy them as much as I enjoy eating chips and salsa but I no longer loathe them. I hardly can believe I’m saying that out loud! I like it because I’m seeing progress. I like it because I’m getting stronger. I like it because I’m training with purpose and I see a end-goal in mind.

I used to only do legs “because I had to” or just to check it off my list. When I did that, I didn’t give it my all. My workouts lacked intensity, drive or purpose. Instead, I just went through the motions. Now, I do one more set, one more exercise and one more plate so I make each workout count. I’m doing it for a specific goal. I want to change – and it’s working.

I encourage you to think about what you NEED most and make it a priority.

Do you need to lose body fat? Then diet and cardio is priority.
Do you need to bulk up? Then increasing protein and lifting is priority.
Do you need to improve your health? Then diet and conditioning is priority.
Do you have a weak spot like saggy bottom or flabby arms? Then you have to make weight training a priority to increase muscle mass and tone up.

We can’t just train around our weaknesses and hope they will improve on their own. We also can’t train our strengths without it completely throwing our body out of whack. As our strong muscles get stronger and our weak muscles continue to get weaker out of neglect, we are setting ourselves up for a lot of additional issues. Balance is key.

Be honest with yourself today. What do you need most? Maybe your training is spot on, but your diet is in the dumps. Maybe you know how to workout, but you aren’t working out at the intensity you need to get the results you want so accountability is what you need. Whatever you do, don’t continue just doing what you “want” to do. Practice a new level of discipline and watch it grow you, change you and improve you in more ways than you can imagine.

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Pfit Chick Full Body Workout

Bikini and Bodybuilding Athlete’s Guide to Proper Competitor Etiquette

This information is to help anyone who competes or are interested in competing in NPC bodybuilding, figure, physique, classic physique or bikini competitions. I do not work for NPC, nor is this post affiliated with the NPC in any way. I was not compensated for this post. 

Steve and Bonnie PfiesterIf you are new to competing, the last thing you want is to be called out by the judges and embarrassed on stage for something you simply just didn’t understand or know. I hope to help you avoid this from happening. By the end of this blog, you will be prepared to compete with added confidence.

Good, Bad, Ugly and Stupid

When you’ve been in the fitness business as long as I have, you’ve seen it all. You see the good, bad, ugly and just plain stupid. Sadly, a lot of silly things happen out of pure ignorance and inexperience.

While there is so much information out there about diet and exercise, there really isn’t a lot of information available on etiquette – especially when it comes to competing. However, understanding good etiquette is incredibly important if you want to have a positive experience.

Steve Pfiester Classic PhysiqueAs a bodybuilder’s wife for 22 years, Team Coach for the last 10 years (putting over 100 people on stage) and now a bikini competitor myself, I have spent a lot of time backstage. We’ve heard all the competitor meeting speeches and reprimands. We’ve seen poor conduct and bad sportsmanship, as well as awesome acts of kindness.

Since more and more people are competing for the first time, I wanted to share some of the things we teach our team about competitor etiquette in hopes to spare you embarrassment and any unnecessary conflict or added frustration on competition day.

These little nuggets are not on the NPC competitor rules page, however, they are incredibly important and can completely change your overall experience for the best.

The following tips should not only help your competition go smoother, they should help you have more fun in the process.

Hotel, Travel & Weigh Ins

NPC weigh ins1. Know what to pack.

When I talk about what to pack, I’m not talking about rice cakes and peanut butter. All your competition prep, diet, training and competitor bag info is another topic. What I’m talking about is what a lot of trainers forget to tell you.

If you have never competed before, you may not realize the mess you are about to make in that hotel room if you are not prepared. Most competition tans will rub off on clothing, walls, toilet seats and who knows what. If you leave that hotel a wreck, you are not only destroying a room, you are destroying all the hard work that went into finding a host hotel for the competition. Host hotels are crucial to a good experience and not all hotels are created equal.

white hotel sheets

Competitors need certain amenities like microwaves and refrigerators. They need to be close to the venue and they need to be available on the weekend of the event. However, if you mess up your room, you could be messing it up for everybody.

Bring sheets, blankets, towels and wash cloths to use during your stay. Keep your body covered so you do not get your tan on the couches, chairs, walls and floors. Use your own towels for bathing so not to ruin their white towels with your Oompa Loompa spray tans or be willing to clean what you use.

If you do get tan on something, don’t expect the maids to clean up after you. You likely received a group discount, so don’t make them work more for less money. Treat your room and their staff with respect and gratitude. If you do, they will welcome you back every year. If you don’t, you’ll likely be charged extra for the damage.

Cleaning ProTan NOTE: ProTan (and most tans) rinse out of clothing, towels and bedding with just soap and water.

I only used hot water to rinse out this wash cloth after using it to remove my tan after the show. It was really dark brown right after my shower. Then it turned this beige color after rinsing it out lightly after showering. Then, it returned back to its original white color after running it under hot water and rinsing it out more thoroughly. I was also able to wipe down toilet seats or other areas with just a wet paper towel. However, bleach works well when needed.

(Remember, I have a WHITE suit, so if I can keep that clean, I can sure keep a clean room!).

2. Come to weigh-ins prepared.

Even if you don’t “weigh in”, you must check in and pay. You may also be able to purchase tickets or trainer passes at this time. You must either need your NPC card with you or purchase one when you get there.

Bodybuilders and Classic Physique competitors will actually weigh in wearing their competition suit. Classic physique will also have their height checked. So, if that’s you, be prepared to strip down and take off your shoes for your official weigh in.

If you are in bikini, figure and men’s physique, prepare to slip off your shoes for a height check, as classes are organized by height, not weight. You do not need to come in your suit (at least I have never attended a competition that required the girls come in suits).

Confirm the competitors meeting (place and time) before you leave. If you have any other questions, this is a good time to ask all the questions you need addressed. You can never ask too many questions.

3. Be a good representative for the sport.

dsc_0176You represent fitness every where you go – especially competition time. You will stick out like a sore thumb with that crazy tan alone. Be kind and respectful every where you go, as you represent competitors everywhere. You can be a turn ON, or a turn OFF, to the whole industry.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the sport at all. You have a choice. You can act like the dumb “I pick things up and put them down” bodybuilder that people see in the Planet Fitness commercials or you can be a disciplined professional athlete who inspires people to be their best. You decide!

4. Scout out routes and venues in advance.

mapsBefore each event, we map out all of our routes and drive to each location involved in our event. Sometimes weigh-ins are at the host hotel or local gym. Other times they are at the venue. Either way, don’t assume where it is and don’t assume you will not get lost. I remember one time we followed maps to the venue and it led us smack-dab into a residential neighborhood, even though the address entered was correct. Every competitor is stressed out enough as it is, don’t add more stress to your day by not being fully prepared with your travel arrangements.

Bonnie PfiesterBackstage

5. Come ready.

Arrive to the venue with your competition suit on, make up complete and ready to hit the stage. Bodybuilders and masters classes are often first up. Of course this is different for every district, but nine times out of ten, Steve is literally one of the very first competitors called to line up. This means he has to fly backstage after the meeting, finish tan prep, eat and pump up in 30 minutes or less.

Don’t assume you will have plenty of time to get ready once you are there. Come ready, as if you will be the first one on stage. Then, you can primp, touch up or do the extras once you get settled in.

6. Be early.

Tony Curtis  and Bikini CompetitorsAll NPC competitions will have a competitor meeting before each event, which will be posted in advance. It is not enough to just be on time. Plan to be early. Oftentimes, we have had trouble finding the right entrance or meeting room. We’ve had flat tires, bad traffic and parking dilemmas slow us down.

We like to try to arrive 15-30 minutes before the meeting begins. If everything goes smoothly, we arrive early and can get a nice spot backstage. Arriving early also ensures we start our day off relaxed and stress free.

7. Don’t hog precious real estate.

classic physique poseDepending on the venue, backstage space is often an issue. Sometimes there is only one big mirror. Other times, the pump up area or equipment is limited. Don’t be the jerk who sets up camp right in front of the mirror or spreads out all their stuff on valuable pump-up room floor space.

While some trainers may tell their people to find prime real estate and get the best spot available, we preach against the “look out for number one” type of selfish attitude.

Although you will need to find a “home base” for all your stuff, I recommend you find a place that is out of the way, yet still in an earshot of the expeditors (as you will need to be able to hear your number or class when it’s called). Let everyone bash all the other competitors for their inconsideration, but don’t let that inconsiderate selfish competitor be you.

8. Attend the competitor meeting.

NPC competitor meetingThe competitor meetings are a crucial part of the process. Even if you are a veteran competitor, all special instructions, changes or requests will be made during this meeting. This is not just for their benefit. It’s for your benefit too. Attend the meeting. Listen closely and respect the rules. Every single rule is in place so the competition runs smoothly for YOUR benefit. The sooner it is all over, the sooner you can eat! So, it’s best to listen and do all you can to help the whole event run with ease.

bikini competitor robe9. Stay covered up.

Don’t walk around half naked. While you have trained hard for you great physique, it’s unprofessional to walk around the venue (especially in the public areas) in next to nothing. You will appear showy, as well as risk getting your tan on people and things.

Be mindful of where you sit, what you lean against or who you brush up against. Just like the hotel, a good venue is hard to find. Be respectful of the facility they are renting to make your competition possible by staying covered up when you can.

When you are backstage and not covered up, be careful. Wipe off toilet seats, lay towels on the floor where you will sit down and clean up behind you.

10. Be careful WHO you touch.

Don’t wrap your freshly tanned arm around your loved ones for a photo. You may be ruining their clothing. It already costs money for your friends to watch you compete, don’t add to the cost by destroying their favorite outfit too.

I don’t know how many times I have had a competitor carelessly rush by me and get their tan on me. Or, I’ve had a female competitor hug and kiss me, smearing their bright red lipstick and makeup all over my shirt and face.

To take it a step further, I recommend your supporters where dark colors. The last thing you want them to do is come in white! LOL Especially if you want pictures with them.

backstage bikini competitor11. Oil and tan in designated areas.

Each competition has a tanning company in charge of tanning. While they will provide tanning services, they will normally have a designated area just for oiling up or applying your own tan. DO NOT apply oil anywhere other than this area. Oils make the floor slick and people will slip and bust their butts (especially the girls in high heels).

Also, if you sit or lay down on the ground to do exercises, make sure you clean all excess oil off the floor or you could be the reason someone has a horrible fall.

12. Know your number and class.

Bikini Competition Suit and NUmberEach competition will have expeditors who will let you know when you will be going on stage. They will normally call you to line up 10-20 minute before you actually get on stage. They will not be calling your name, they will be calling your number and/or your class. You must know you number and know each class you are competing in (ie: women’s figure, masters bikini, classic physique, light-heavy weight bodybuilding, etc).

Most shows will have a printed flow sheet to give you an idea of the class order so you are not taken by surprise. Know your number, listen carefully and be ready.

bikini competitor backstage

13. Don’t run off.

It’s hard to believe people actually leave the venue or go off to some secluded area backstage, but it happens at every show. If you are one of those people that like going off by yourself, not only are you missing out on meeting some great people, you may miss your chance to compete. The judges can’t wait on someone to find you.

People have trained really hard for a really long time, only to be skipped simply because they couldn’t be found.

daytona classic backstage14. Yield to others.

This is something I’ve personally witnessed at many shows. I’ll see one competitor who isn’t going on for another hour ask another competitor preparing to go on in 15 minutes for help. Or, I’ll see people pumping up 1-2 hours before their class is even close to being called.

Yield to those who are competing ahead of you. Offer to help those competitors. You never know! You may need them to help you once it’s your turn to scramble toward the stage.

15. Don’t judge.

You are going to the competition to compete, not to judge. You never know where someone has come from, how much weight they lost or why they are there. Don’t assume you trained harder or deserve anything more than anyone else.

Each competitor has dedicated a lot of time and effort into preparing to compete. Treat others with the same respect you desire. You should be honored to stand there with the most disciplined people on the planet – no matter how they look or act.

16. Prepare to share.

It’s easy to get self-absorbed at these competitions. You are so nervous and worried about yourself, you may miss when others are in need.

I always bring extra jewelry, make-up and supplies in case someone needs something. One time I heard a girl saying she didn’t have her jewelry as she was lining up, so I slipped mine off and gave it to her right before she went out on stage.

Another time, one of our competitors’s suit broke and complete strangers came to the rescue, sewing, fixing and even offering their own suits. This is what makes competitions so special – when people come together and support one another.

Beach Bodies Classic17. Stay until the end.

Don’t be the schmuck that competes and leaves, especially if you are competing with friends or a team.

Believe me! I’ve wanted to leave SO bad after we were done, but you need to support each other. If someone has been there to support you, be there to support them too – even until the end – no matter how tired or hungry you are.

18. Make memories.

If you compete a lot, you may forget what it feels like to compete for the first time. Don’t cut that moment short for someone else. Take the time to take pictures, offer to help make those memories, cheer them on, and go out to eat with them afterwards.

If it’s your first time competing, express your needs to your loved ones. If you want a picture on stage, take it – even if you are embarrassed. This may be a one-and-done thing or a regular event, but the one thing that will last forever are photos and memories.

On Stage

Team Max Bikini Athletes19. You are an athlete. Act like one.

One of the things Central Florida district chairman and NPC judge, Pete Fancher, always drives home in his competitor meetings (especially to the bikini competitors) is that we are athletes so “act like it”.

Whether you are a bikini competitor or a bodybuilder, you train hard, you diet hard and you have worked long and hard to compete with the best of the best. With this in mind, we should be respectful and professional to our fellow competitors, expeditors (who are donating their time to help you by the way), judges, promoters and staff.

Well respected athletes don’t throw temper tantrums when they lose and they shouldn’t act inappropriately in public either (unless you want to be the next Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan of the NPC.

img_934120. Know your number.

I know I already mentioned this when it comes to backstage, but you also need to know your number while you are on stage because that is what they will reference when giving instructions. I am no longer Bonnie. I am 91 on stage.

Judges will address your number when giving commands like “square up” (face front),  turn to “your other left” LOL (low calories makes it difficult to follow directions) or “switch places”.

If a judge addresses your number, look at the judge and acknowledge you heard them. If a judge calls out your number to switch places with another competitor, raise your hand so the other competitor can find you quickly.

bikini prejudging

21. Walk behind the line.

Judges will often switch competitors around during judging so each judge can see all the competitors. If you are called out to switch with another competitor, it is good etiquette to raise your hand until the other competitor sees you, and then step back out of the line and walk behind all the other competitors until you return in line.

22. Win and lose gracefully.

NPC Bikini WinnersI have seen the worst sportsmanship, as well as the best sportsmanship, displayed on stage. I’ve seen high fives and complete foot-stomping temper tantrums. Always, always, always, congratulate the winners and your fellow competitors no matter how they placed. Be quick to compliment and slow to critique.

There have been many times Steve has won when he didn’t feel like he deserved to win, as well as times he lost when he didn’t feel he deserved to lose. It really is a subjective sport and while you should train to win, you shouldn’t compete to win.

If you go only to bring home a trophy, you will go home with so much less. However, if you compete to improve, grow, meet people and learn something, you will come home with great riches no matter if you bring home a trophy or not.

bikini competitor abs23. Leave it at the venue.

You know that saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Pete Fancher always encourages people to leave all the competition talk at the competition and he’s so right. Most people don’t want to hear about your body fat percentage woes. They don’t want to be inconvenienced by your ridiculous eating schedule nor do they really care to see your daily iphone selfies. While it’s OK to let people know you are competing, you can’t let it dominate your life and conversation.

If you have to sneak off to get a few bites of chicken in, do it, but don’t complain about it. If you have to cut something short to run back to the gym to get your second cardio in, leave that to yourself. And, if you still “feel fat” at below average body fat percentages, keep that to yourself as much as possible too. Save that type of conversation for your teammates or people who truly get it or keep it to yourself – or you’ll lose friends as fast as you can say “workout”.

typical gym rat bodybuilder

Wrap It Up

bikini competitor flex funMost of the above tips are just things I’ve observed over years of listening to what the judges complain about or witnessing awkward moments. Judges can disqualify you for being late, acting up, ruining property or being disrespectful. They can also embarrass you to high heaven if you aren’t listening.

While it’s a known fact that competitors are often a little loopy and one fry short of a happy meal from being carb-depleted and dehydrated, these tips should make the whole experience so much better for you and everyone participating in this special day with you.

Conditioning & Core Workout

Today’s full body workout focuses on Core & overall Conditioning.

Each exercise begins with 10 repetitions of a full body conditioning and strengthening exercise, followed by 30 seconds of a core exercise for 3 sets (with no break). Follow along below (Click on the links for video instruction) or do the workout with us on our BCx Boot Camp show at

side plank pulse


10 Overhead Squat (you can use a bar or even a broomstick)
:30 Diagonal Knees
X 3

10 Good Mornings
:30 Toes to Bar or Reverse Crunch
X 3

10 Clean Squat Press
:30 Barbell Roll Out
X 3

10 T-Plank w/ 1 Dumbbell 
:30 Side Plank Pulse
X 3 – all on LEFT side

10 T-Plank w/ 1 Dumbbell 
:30 Side Plank Pulse
X 3 – all on RIGHT side

10 Kettlebell Overhead Swing
:30 Elbow Plank

Get the Graphic, Do the Workout, Share the Workout
Save the Graphic, Share the Graphic, Do It Again!


SLOW SUICIDE: It’s Addictive, Poisonous and You Eat It Every Day

An in-depth (but simple) blog on a secret killer in almost every kitchen.

Steve PfiesterMany people don’t realize how bad they feel until they realize how good they feel after they change their diet. It could be because you are eating poison and just don’t know it.

Steve experienced this firsthand when he did the TV show Fit To Fat To Fit. His whole body ached. He developed severe plantar fasciitis and was walking in a boot by the end of the weight gain portion of the show. He was icing joints and hurting all the time. Why? He started adding a potent poison to his diet and didn’t even realize it. He started eating sugar.

Steve struggled to gain the weight by just increase fatty foods. In effort to gain weight faster (part of the premise of the show), he started increasing sugar. He began drinking real sodas with his meals. He ate pancakes with his Egg McMuffins for breakfast. He poured on BBQ sauce, ketchup and salad dressings loaded with high-fructose corn syrup on every food he consumed. He even resorted to drinking chocolate milk with his nightly sweet treats to rack up even more calories. And it worked. He gained 50lbs in four short months – and it hurt more than his pride. He physically hurt.

fit to fat to fit

However, as SOON as he started eating clean and tossed the sugar, his pain went away. We were shocked. It literally happened overnight. He had no idea just how poisonous sugar was until he experienced it himself.

While I would not expect such a radical change with that kind of instant relief for everyone, I am convinced that your body will feel a million times better if you give it better fuel. I was reminded of that after the Hurricane Matthew wrecked my own diet (yes, I’m blaming my poor eating choices on the hurricane. LOL!).

body-painIn just a matter of days, I went from feeling amazing to feeling like a crippled old woman. I hardly could sleep because my back and shoulders was hurting so bad. I had been battling tendinitis in my elbow, but it became excruciating after I fed my body foods that increase inflammation (sugar). The joints in my feet were killing me and I resorted to popping Ibuprofen to give me some temporary relief.

I knew this was all diet related because it was the only thing I had changed. I was eating a lot more processed foods (you know us hurricane survivors are supposed to stock up on non-perishables! LOL!)  It’s not like I was eating a ton of sweets, but sugar is not just in “sweets”.

Check it out. Below are some infographics I collected to help educate the public on where sugar hides, what sugar does and how sugar is affecting our country – and ultimately, affecting you and I. Please, PLEASE take the time to look this over and watch at least one of the videos I included in this blog. I want to make a difference in your life. Sugar truly is poison.

In this blog I address:

1. Where sugar hides
2. What sugar does to our body
3. How addicting sugar is
4. How much sugar you consume
5. The link between sugar and obesity
6. How to detox, lose weight and reduce pain

Hidden Sugar Poison

Everyone knows donuts are bad for you, but what about yogurt or oatmeal? Do you ever think about those foods having MORE sugar than a donut? Well, they do. Take a look.

Foods high in sugar

Learn How to Spot Hidden Sugar Poison

Sugar isn’t always obvious to find on food labels. It has many aliases. Here is a list by Women’s Health.


Did you know?

 Sugar, this is 3rd ingredient in McDonald’s french fries, after potatoes and oil.

Why? “Sugar makes it taste better and it also increases addiction and cravings”, Cristina Goyanes explains on No wonder those are my favorite fries! The Business Insider quotes Koko Neher (the production planner at the Simplot factory) saying the sugar is to “make sure we get a consistent color no matter what time of the year it is.”  Hmmmmm

Sugar is simply addicting. It leaves us wanting more, so we buy more and we eat more. We are literally drug addicts enslaved to this poison and few people are doing anything about it. Why? Because there are a LOT of big businesses that can’t afford for this information to get out. It truly is a conspiracy – but the truth WILL come out. (Watch Fed Up!)

Sugar Poison is 8 Times MORE Addictive Than Cocaine

Who would think we could be addicted to something that is so poisonous to our body! This isn’t my opinion or hearsay. Research has proved it. Check out this study on lab rats.


The New Kind of  Drug Dealer

corporate drug dealerWe would be outraged if Coke still secretly putting cocaine in their drinks like the originally did (Yes, they DID put cocaine in their original formula, but Coca-cola was originally labeled as a medicinal product.) We don’t want companies spiking our foods with drugs, but that’s exactly what they are doing. This is smart business for them, but bad for our health. Do they know what they are doing? I think so! Yet, most people have no idea what is really going on.

Even worse, soda companies pair sugar poison with sodium. The result? Sugar gives us a wonderful immediate satisfaction and energy high. We instantly want more. However, sodium makes us thirsty so we are never satisfied. We are hooked.

We Drink Sugar Poison

drinking poisonIf you don’t eat it or you don’t drink sodas, you still could be drinking more sugar poison than you think. Do you drink orange juice? How about a martini or glass of wine? What are you getting at Starbucks? Do you drink pre-workout drinks or energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull?

So, even if you don’t drink soda, sweet tea, coffee, alcohol or energy drinks, what about your family? People often give their kids food and drinks they would never drink. Why? If it’s not good for you, why would you think it’s OK for your kids?

Would you knowingly feed your kids poison? Well, if they drink fruit juice, boxed drinks, soda, chocolate milk or gatorade, you are not only poisoning them but you are getting them addicted to the poison – setting them up for a lifetime of health issues.  Look at the amount of sugar  poison people are drinking.

do you drink sugar?

The American Heart Association recommends:
No more than 6 teaspoons or 100 calories a day of sugar for most women.
No more than 9 teaspoons or 150 calories a day for most men.


Cut out one 12-ounce coke a day and you can lose 15 pounds in a year.

We basically prostitute our health for a little short-term pleasure. In the meantime, we make these companies richer as we get poorer, spending even more money to lose weight, get fit and combat the health side affects caused by sugar. These companies are literally killing us in more ways than one.

Look at all the health issues that are linked with eating too much sugar.

Sugar is Unhealthy Poison

You Eat 35lbs of This Kind of HFCS Poison a Year

I’m talking about high fructose corn syrup. It’s in bread, crackers, condiments, protein bars, cereal, salad dressings…the list goes on and on! And, this one ingredient has slipped under the radar for too long.  * Watch the Skinny on Obesity (below) where Dr. Lustig goes into great scientific detail of why this is the most poisonous thing we can put in our body.


Why Obesity is On the Rise

severe-obesityWhy is obesity on the rise when fitness seems to also be on the rise? Sugar is on the rise. While we have reduction in low-fat items and an increase in gyms popping up on every corner, we continue to have more and more soft drinks and processed foods hitting shelves. What use to be a once a week trip to a soda shop for an 8 ounce pop has turned into a daily bad habit. Whether you drink sodas or lattes, we drink more sugar and we eat more hidden sugar than ever – even while trying to lose weight.

Sugar can also make us hungrier so we end up eating more. Since liquid calories don’t leave us feeling full, we tend to eat more, even after drinking a high-calorie beverage. One study showed kids who drank a soda before eating a meal actually ate more food than those who didn’t drink soda prior to eating. So, soda gives us a double whammy. It adds more calories and it can also add to our hunger.

Did You Know?

Many low fat and fat free foods have MORE sugar than foods with regular fat content. 



Notice how much MORE High Fructose Corn Syrup the US consumes?

5 Tips to Reduce Sugar Poison & Improve Health

1. Get rid of liquid sugars (juice, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks)

2. Reduce or remove foods with fructose corn syrup (condiments, dressing, snacks, yogurt, bread, etc.)

3. Eat your carbohydrates with fiber (this reduces carbohydrate absorption)

4. Eat slower and wait 20 minutes before eating seconds or dessert (this allows your hunger receptors time  to recognize you are full)

5. Exercise (brings insulin levels down, it reduces stress and stress eating, and it burns off the sugar before it turns into fat)

Detox in Just 10 Days

It’s not enough to just “cut back”. If you found out you were literally eating poison every day, would you really still try to have just a little poison every once in a while? No, you would get rid of ALL the poison in your house.

The good news is it takes only 10 DAYS to detox from sugar!!! Anyone can do anything for only 10 days, right? In just 10 days you can kick the withdrawals, you can improve your health and get the poison out of your system. Dr. Hyman (also an expert interviewed in the Fed Up movie) explains how. Follow Mark Hyman, MD on facebook.


Learn More

Does this blog leave you wanting more information? More facts? More help? Here are 2 really great videos on sugar – from conspiracies to statistics many brands and public officials don’t want you to know.

If you want to reduce pain, improve your health and lose weight, you really should invest the time to watch these videos and get the education you need to make choices that can change your life and your family forever.

Fed Up with by Katie Couric & Laurie David – Conspiracy, Secrets and Shocking Facts about Sugar (Available on Netflix)

Follow Fed Up on facebook for more facts and important informtion you need to know.

Sugar: “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig at UCSF

This is for all you guys who love facts, statistics and science. Dr. Robert H. Lustig goes in to great depth in this enlightening lecture on the devastating affects of sugar, especially fructose. Dr. Lustig is an American pediatric endocrinologist and a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he specializes in neuroendocrinology and childhood obesity. He is also director of UCSF’s WATCH program (Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health), and president and co-founder of the non-profit Institute for Responsible Nutrition. So don’t take it from me – get the facts from people WAY smarter than me! ;) Follow him on facebook.


People need to know what is hurting them. If you love your friends and family, and you believe in making a positive impact on others, then share this with your followers and friends. It could save someone’s life. <3


The Hurricane Blew My Diet: 5 Tips to Repair the Damage

hurricane matthew memeSo most of you have been following Hurricane Matthew as it rolled up the east coast. I was flooded with so many posts and messages from my friends and followers, expressing your concern. Before I start addressing the damage that Matthew left behind, I just have to thank you for your prayers. We were SO blessed, which such little damage here in Vero. So THANK YOU!!

“Matthew! It’s OVER!”

The biggest issue with Hurricane Matthew was not the power outages in the middle of the storm, or the wind or the rain. It was the aftermath – and I’m not just talking about the yard debris. I’m talking about what that storm did to my diet!  OMG! I had my fill of “non-perishables!”  HA!

buying junk foodWhat is it about holidays or events like this that make you feel like you have a hall pass to take a break from healthy eating? Steve teased that if he was going out, he was going to go out with a smile on his face and a fist full of Oreo cookies. LOL!

Granted, the hurricane did come the week after our final competition for the year so we were off our strict diet for the first time in months. But, I am learning that when you get off your diet completely, with no limitations on what you eat, you are really never satisfied. However, when I am on a diet, even a rice cake and teaspoon of peanut butter tastes SO GOOD!

body aches sugar inflammationIn addition to the lack of real satisfaction I get when I do go crazy with my eating, my body hurts. I have so much inflammation in my body right now (mainly from sugar) after eating cookies and crap I normally don’t eat. If I always ate like this, I wouldn’t notice the difference. However, because I normally eat clean, my body is like “WHAT IS GOING ON?!” I feel like one big body ache!

Finally, I realize just how easy it is to seemingly blow weeks and months of hard work. This feeling of failure can cause you to want to give up or give in even more. But, the truth is, I know I’lll feel like a million bucks in just a few days of eating clean and training again, even if it feels hopeless.

Clean It Up

hurricane matthew aftermathYou can easily clean up your diet and get your body back to normal much sooner than you think.

1. Stop the cycle of bad eating.

The hurricane (holiday, wedding, vacation, birthday, etc) is over. Now your bad eating also must end. This is the hardest part; to say “no”.

2. Start the clean up.

What do you do when you clean up your yard after a storm? You get rid of all the dead stuff and the same goes with your diet. Get rid of all the food that is “dead food”, meaning it does nothing good for you.

3. Replace the bad with good.

It’s time to plant healthy stuff in your kitchen. In other words, it’s time to grocery shop.

Bonnie Pfiester4. Start the repairs.

Eating right is always the most important component to weight loss, but the next vital component is exercise. You know the yard doesn’t just clean up itself. Clean up requires work – and if you are like me, you have a LOT of cleaning up to do!

You may need to get a few tools to make repairs. Whether that’s a gym membership or some fitness equipment, you must invest in your “property” and take care of it, whether that be time or money.

You are worth the investment – and the hard work WILL pay off!

5. Plan to maintain it.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is they use diet and exercise to clean up their messy eating habits over the years, but once they get their body in shape they stop working. Staying healthy requires some maintenance, just like that yard of yours. Steve and Bonnie Pfiester

While maintenance doesn’t require as much work as actual weight loss, it still requires a commitment so be ready for it. Plan to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle – not just a weekend DIY project.

Honestly, even if you gained a few pounds while you were cooped up inside your house, you can easily lose 2lbs a week by following these steps and you’ll be back on track in just a matter of a couple of weeks.

So, don’t be too mad at yourself. You are human and I’m thankful for these experiences because I learn a little more about by myself every time I mess up which makes me stronger (and I hope a little wiser!) every time!



This Cute New Fitness Tank Says It All

Jesus Coffee LiftingI was scrolling through pictures of Instagram when I saw this picture of this tank. I totally flipped out! It was ALL my favorite things on ONE tank top!! And, I HAD to have it!!

Then, when I showed it to Steve, HE had to have it TOO! lol They came in the mail this week! YAHOO!! I loved it SO much, I wore it to the gym last night and washed it as soon as I got home so I could wear it again today! haha! Today, we both went to they gym wearing our new shirts (Steve not realizing I’d wear mine AGAIN! Ha ha ha! ).

As SOON as I walked in, people commented on us matching and loving our new shirts. Everywhere I went today, people were asking to read it! Needless to say, it was a HIT!

Can We Say Awesome Christmas Gift?

I know you probably don’t want to think about it, and I hate to break it to you, but Christmas is just 87 days ’til Christmas!! They already have Christmas decorations up in some stores! And, you know how hard it is to find that perfect gift for our fit friends. Jesus Coffee Lifting

While there are great gifts ideas out there, from the Polar heart rate monitors to running shoes, it’s great to have an affordable gift idea you can give that special fit friend that won’t break your bank account.

As people all gathered around me asking to read my shirt, I immediately started thinking of everyone who would love this top for Christmas. I love these types of cute shirts that put our own personality into our fitness lifestyle.

We all have something we love. Some people love peanut butter, some love coffee. Some love BOTH! (Meeeee!! hahaha Shirts like this one from Fit Darlings say something about you – and this shirt about wraps it up for me!

Jesus Coffee LiftingIf only they had one more line it might read, “I just want to love Jesus, drink coffee, lift heavy things and eat chips and salsa with Steve“. <3  LOL

Go check them out. They also have awesome custom wrist wraps with cool patterns and styles!

Get One For Yourself!

Cost: $24.00
Styles: Women’s Tanks, Men’s Tees
Fabric: Super Comfy Triblend
Made in the USA

nstagram: @fit_darlings


AmLactin Product Review: Healthy Feet, Healthy Skin

The blog is sponsored by AmLactin Skin Care. All opinions expressed are my own.

After my last competition, my competition tan stuck to all my dry spots, which really exposed all my dry damaged skin. I guess I knew I already had these dry spots on my skin, but I didn’t realize just how many I had until the competition tan grabbed on to them and pointed them all out to me very clearly (which was SUPER embarrassing! I looked like a leper!)

Since I had a job for a piece of ab equipment coming up, I had to get this fixed fast so I went to my dermatologist for help. My dermatologist recommended I start using AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Care, an over the counter lotion. I went straight to the drug store and picked some up.

Honestly, within just a few days I immediately saw and felt an improvement in my skin’s texture. (I’ll tell you more in this blog!) Well, low and behold, I hadn’t been using it for long when I got an invitation to do a product review on one of the AmLactin products! Lucky Me!! YAY! AND, lucky YOU! I will be giving YOU a chance to try it FREE TOO!! (Give-a-way below!)

Here is what I have learned and my personal experience trying these products out myself.

The Solution To Dry Skin

amlactin skin careWhen I was in aesthetician school, I quickly learned the solution to dry skin was more than just what you put IN it. The real solution was what needed to come OFF – and what needed to go IN. Oftentimes people are wasting fantastic products on skin that isn’t actually absorbing the moisture it needs. Instead, it’s being sopped up by skin that has already died.

Imagine if you put a piece of tissue over your skin. Now picture applying lotion on top of that tissue and imagine how much moisture would actually penetrate the tissue enough to also penetrate the skin. That is essentially what is happening when we apply lotion to dry damaged skin.

You can uncover smooth, radiant skin with AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Care. Its unique exfoliating and hydrating alpha-hydroxy therapy gently removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, hydrated skin. It’s the difference between skin care and skin therapy – and it works!

How Does It Work?

Alpha-hydroxy acid (typically derived from different foods like apples, grapes and milk) works as a chemical exfoliant, dissolving “glue” like lipids that hold our dead skins together and keeps them from falling off. Once the glue is dissolved, these dead skin cells let go and expose our fresh vibrant skin that was once hidden underneath. When this skin is visible, it gives our skin a nice healthy glow. Where the old dry skin gives a dull rough appearance, fresh smooth skin cells reflect light – making our skin appear to have a “glow” to it.


Not only does this expose prettier skin, as you decrease the buildup of dead skin cells, you also decrease the appearance of cracks and crevices simply because you are essentially decreasing the depth of each line or crack as you whisk away the thick upper layer of dead cells.

Dissolving that “glue” also helps release dead skin that can clog pores or make your skin appear splotchy. Since damaged skin is often darker in pigment, your overall skin tone will be more even. All in all, there are just too many benefits to using a chemical exfoliant like AmLactin.

Softer Smoother Feet

feet on coffee tableSince I live in tennis shoes, I often unintentionally neglect my feet’s health. It is not uncommon for me to throw lotion on my legs before I go out the door, while my feet remain hidden in my tennis shoes.

Now that AmLactin has a foot cream to help you take better care of your feet too, I put it by my bed and have been applying it every night before I go to bed. With its rich, creamy texture, clinical-strength AmLactin Foot Cream is the ultimate recovery for my rough, callused feet. By applying this nightly, I can get hours of therapy under the covers while I sleep!

mother daughterUtilizing their patented ULTRAPLEX® formula, this healing foot therapy gently exfoliates AND intensely hydrates to heal, repair, and soften. It helps prevent splits and cracks while smoothing calluses. It won’t take long before you notice a major difference in your skin’s texture and appearance. You may even notice you can go even longer between manis and pedis!

Trust me! I told my mom about AmLactin just a few weeks ago and she is already on her second bottle because she loved it so much! She said she can’t believe how much smoother her skin is.

bikini competitor AmLactin For Bikini Prep

Soft feet and smooth skin is super important to me right now because in seven days I’ll be walking across the stage in clear high heels – exposing my footsies (as well as my entire body) so I want my skin to look the best it can. For this reason, AmLactin has really become a big part of my bikini competition prep. Bikini competitors are actually judged on skin tone so it’s super important we prep my skin before the show – and exfoliating is a huge part of competition prep before we get our competition tan.

Since the competition tan sticks to dry skin, the softer and smoother your skin is, the smoother my tan will look. The same is true even if you go to a tanning salon to get a professional spray tan or even use self-tanners at home. Your tan will always look best (and last longer) if you apply it to exfoliated skin.

amlactin seal dr recommended

Doctor Recommended

If you don’t believe me, believe my doctor!! Not only did my own dermatologist recommend AmLactin to me, the American Podiatric Medical Association gave AmLactin Foot Cream its seal of approval too. That’s why AmLactin is the #1 moisturizer brand recommended by podiatrists for rough, dry skin. This product is no joke. It really does work and you really will be amazed with the results. It’s truly somewhat of a miracle product.


Would you like to try AmLactin Skin Care for FREE? Enter my Soft Feet Giveaway! In the comments section below, tell me your foot care secrets by November 10th to enter. On November 11th, I will randomly pick 1 commenter to receive $100 worth of AmLactin products! WOOT!


*Giveaway is open to United States residents only. Product and shipping provided by AmLactin Skin Care. Remember, although AmLactin Skin Care sponsored this post, all opinions and text are my own.

Uncover smooth, radiant skin with AmLactin Alpha-Hydroxy Skin Care. Its unique exfoliating and hydrating alpha-hydroxy therapy gently removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, hydrated skin. It’s the difference between skin care and skin therapy. 

AmLactin moisturizers are available on and at your local Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart and Rite Aid.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AmLactin Skin Care. The opinions and text are all mine.


Up & Running, Lifting & Motivating!


If you have tried to go to my site only to find it was down, you weren’t the only one!! I couldn’t even get into my site! ha! But it’s up and running again and we got it all worked out! We are BACK in ACTION!!

steve and bonnie pfiesterWhat’s up with the Pfiesters?

I’ll tell you what’s up! We are 10 days away from the Daytona Beach Classic! Steve and I will return to Daytona to compete again together. As much as I struggled through this competition season, I am SO glad I did it! Why? Here’s why…

The first time I competed, THAT was my goal – just to get on stage and face my fears. The only specific goal I really had was to get as lean as possible. I reached and surpassed that goal but it was a pretty generic goal.

Getting to the Point

Over the last couple of competitions, I’ve been feeling like I need more specific goals. I can’t just skate by with more cardio and less food and expect to look my best. This time I really took a long honest look at myself and decided it was time to work on my weak areas; not just a little more, but a LOT more – and I’m not just talking about my body, I’m talking about my attitude, bad habits, discipline, etc.

We tend to avoid the areas we are weak in or don’t see results in. When it comes to my body, that’s my legs and butt. I admit, I do the bare minimum. I have trained them once a week and thought doing kickboxing twice a week and boot camp once a week was enough to take care of them. But, the truth is, I hate doing legs and I really don’t give them the effort they need. In fact, it’s more than just hating legs, I hate waiting. I need more patience and more discipline. My weakness goes even deeper. I don’t like to fail. I don’t like to be bad at something. So, I often avoid it.

Live ExerciseButt Wait!

Ironically, the same way we hate what we are weak in, we will never become strong in those areas if we allow them to remain weak. Over the last couple of months I have pounded my legs and butt. I have practiced more discipline and time-management. I am trying very hard to work in my weak areas so they get stronger.

Now I work legs 2-3 times a week. AND, (I can’t even believe I’m saying this) I’m actually enjoying training legs. WHAT?! You heard right! I actually have had fun training them.

Why am I enjoying training legs? Because they are getting stronger. Because I’m seeing progress. No one likes working without getting paid and that’s kind of what I was doing before. I was working, but not hard enough for it to really pay off. That also makes me appreciate the discipline I’m putting in. Discipline is not just painful, but it is rewarding – if you STAY disciplined and patient.

Most-Hated List

The reason I share this with you is because everyone tends to do more stuff they love to do and avoid stuff they need to do (most of us have our own Most-Hated list). Many bodybuilders avoid cardio because they are bad at it. Then you have the runners that avoid doing weights because they feel they are bad at that. The list of scenarios goes on.

Trust me, I had a LONG Most-Hated list. It takes everything out of me to run in this heat and I don’t really like going to the gym much more! LOL But it’s what I need! Darn it!

If you are avoiding something, chances are, it’s exactly what you need more of. And, if you start investing in that area, you WILL start getting rewarded and, you may end up actually enjoying it!

Training more purposefully, with more detailed goals has actually made it easier to show up to the gym. I’m no longer just going through the motions and punching the workout clock. I’m going there to work toward a specific goal each time I walk through the door so I leave feeling more productive and victorious.

Big PIcture

got balance?Pastor Rick Warren was talking about the importance of exercise. Then he talked about bodybuilders who sculpt muscle just to sculpt muscle. He said they don’t seem to have an answer to  the”why?”. Why do they do it? To see more ripples and bumps? Is that all? Lord knows if that’s the only reason to workout, we are doomed!

While it’s GREAT to have goals, it can’t become our main focus in life. It can’t be all we think about and strive for. It’s just one small part of our life. I have goals to give me the motivation and drive I need to keep showing up – because, without it, I honestly probably wouldn’t even train. I need a reward. I need to get paid for my work. I must have a goal.

After that, I have to be very aware of how much time I spend working on, or even thinking about, those goals. They can’t take the high place in my life. They can’t come before God, my spouse, my kids (if I had any – wait, I have to dogs. Does that count? YES! I’ll answer myself! LOL), etc. You get my drift.

Bonnie PfiesterWe are to take care of our body. We can’t be all that God desires us to be without being healthy enough, or be around long enough, to do them. Our health is super important. Having a six-pack? Not so much! Sure, it’s great if I can be lean and healthy, but our body shape really doesn’t matter as much as our energy levels, health and freedom we get from being healthy enough to move, do, work and play.

So, I end with this: Do you have goals? How specific are they? Or are they just “I want to lose weight?” type goals. Today, I encourage you to set a clear goal and a date you want to reach that goal and see if it doesn’t help give you more direction and motivation. Then, I want you to think of all the things that are important in your life and decide how they are all ranked. Don’t justify putting family in front of your fitness just to get out of working out. You will be a much better mom or dad if you are a fit mom or dad, but DO be very aware of your priorities so that they don’t get out of order in the process. :) Lastly, list all the distractions that seem to get in the way of your success.

Happy goal setting! I hope it gives you that little boost you needed!

goals-are-dreams-with-deadlines-20130331461Goal Ideas:

Body measurements (with exact ares you want to lose it)
Body weight
Body fat percentage
Muscle gain (pounds or measurements)
Run time
Sign up for a race
Register to compete
Join a gym
Do a fitness challenge or contest
Health goals (blood pressure, resting heart rate, etc)
Get off or reduce medicines (my dad just got off all his meds because of fitness!)
Hang up your skinny jeans and don’t quit until you get in them
Do a detox (like sugar, caffeine, alcohol or something you feel you need out of your life)

These are just a few ideas! Have fun with it. And, once you set a goal, share it with a friend to hold you accountable. Measure or test weekly to make sure you are making progress.

The Truth About “High Protein” Foods

Question: “What foods besides eggs, peanut butter, chicken, lima beans are high in protein?” 

Answer: There’s a difference between foods that have protein IN it and foods that are considered HIGH protein. This is my own personal rule; unless it has at least a third of the calories coming from protein, I don’t consider it ‘high-protein’ .

Protein, Fats, Carbs

protein foodsIt’s hard to determine what’s high in protein without looking at all the substrates. There are approximately 4 calories in one gram of protein, 4 calories in one gram of a carbohydrate, 7 calories in a gram of alcohol and 9 calories in a gram of fat. Below are graphs of the foods mentioned so you can visually see the breakdown of each food. Now, let’s see how some of the foods you mentioned weigh in using the Lose It! app’s pie graphs.

First on your list were eggs. Two boiled eggs are 154 calories with 10.6gms of fat, 1.1gms of carbs and 12.5gms of protein. At first glance, it appears eggs have more protein than fat – but look a little closer.  If fat has 9 calories per gram and protein has only 4 calories per gram, this means 95.4 calories come from fat and only 50 calories come from protein. Although eggs are 62% fat, they squeak by with 35% of the calories coming from protein.

Take out the yolk and it’s a totally different ball game, changing the profile to 92% of thecalories coming from protein and 3% of the calories from fat. If you throw out one yolk, you can reduce fat calories and still get the yolk’s nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The next food mentioned was peanut butter. Although peanut butter does have protein in it, you’ll want to go light on this condiment after seeing how it breaks down. 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter has 188 calories, A WHOPPING 16.1gms of fat, only 8gms of protein and 6.3gms of carbs. This means 72% of the calories come from FAT and only 15% of the calories from protein, with the remaining 14% from carbs. As you can see, this is one fatty, high calorie food you’ll want to use sparingly.

Next up is chicken. 4 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast is the winner on your list with 183 calories, 34.5gms of protein, 4gms of fat, and 0gms of carbs. Now this is a protein source – with a whopping 80% of the calories coming from protein.

Lastly, let’s look at lima beans. Half a cup of cooked limas has 110 calories, 17.4gms of carbs & only 5.7gms of protein. With 65% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, and only 18% from protein, I would consider this a carbohydrate more than a protein. (and I LOVE me some lima beans!)

While there are plenty of foods with protein in them, meat proves to be the best choice. Other great sources include seafood, cottage cheese, edamame (soybeans), yogurt, tofu and fat free milk. Look at the graphs below to see how your favorite food adds up. Once you review the foods, don’t forget to subscribe to get the rest of this series “Eating for success“.








Since I’m not a big meat eater, so I have to supplement to get the protein my body needs. I recently discovered this protein from our local supplement shop here in Vero Beach (Super Set Nutrition) and LOOOOVE IT!!  YUM!!!

Iso Optima Protein

“I Will Beat Her” Fitness Apparel & More

If you like fitness motivation or you are looking for a unique gift, here are some of my fitness apparel and accessories I offer now, as well as a sneak peak of what’s coming soon!!

COMING SOON!!I Will Beat Her” Motivational Clothing Line!

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I will beat her tankI will beat her leggings

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