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Fit To Fat To Fit Workout with Steve, Bonnie & Tasha

We brought Tasha down to the LiveExercise studio today to do our BCx Boot Camp show with us – and, of course, she rocked it!! If you’ve been wondering what her workouts were like, this is your chance to see her in action. This is the same type of workout Steve and Tasha did to …

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Fit To Fat To Fit: Steve Becomes His Own Victim

When Steve was chosen for the show, he knew he wanted to put his own program (BCx Boot Camp) to the ultimate test. He and Tasha would take the very program he designed to help others, including reading the workbook, counting calories and enduring the challenging workouts. He would become the client. Steve and Tasha talk about …

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Extreme Upper Body Conditioning Workout

Looking for an upper body workout that melts fat too? Try this killer workout we did today on Here’s the workout with links to video instruction. Sign Up for a free trial to actually do the workout WITH me!! OUCH is all I can say!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! lol Press & Wall-Up Suicide Shoulder Press  …

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Fat Burning Bikini Workout

This workout is a fat-burning workout with an emphasis on toning the lower body, shoulders and abs. Weight and rest is SUPER important. Weight should be challenging and rest should not go one second over the prescribed rest time. Each round should take 15 minutes, making this workout a killer 45 minute workout. Click on …

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Cardiolicious Butt, Abs & Shoulders Workout

Butt Abs Shoulders Workout

Get your heart rate up and burn calories while you sculpt your body during this super effective workout. Do each circuit for time to take things up a notch! Click on the link to see video instruction. 10 Burpees 15 Thrusters (squat & Press) 15 Overhead walking Lunges X3 10 2-Count Mountain Climbers 15 Shoulder …

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Day 6: Bonus Workout

DAILY INSIGHT: Although today should be a day of rest, a good power walk can be very beneficial for tight, sore muscles, or you may opt to take the BCx™ Bonus Workout. If you do the bonus this week, don’t push yourself too hard. If you walk or jog, try to do so at your …

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Day 4: Legs and Glutes Workout

DAILY INSIGHT: It’s Day 4, and this has probably been a pretty challenging week so far. The good news is that as you continue your training, your body will adapt, and every week will seem a little easier, even as you continue to exercise intensely. As for diet, if you are trying to reduce your …

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Day 3: Cardio & Conditioning

DAILY INSIGHT: It’s Day 3, and you’re probably experiencing even more muscle soreness today. This is common two days after a workout. Drink a lot of fluids today to flush the toxins out of your muscles and keep moving. The worse thing you can do is stay still – if you do, you’ll stiffen up …

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Day 2: BCx Upper Body Workout

The goal for each circuit is for it to be done with little to no rest. Record your time each workout to track your progress using your tracking sheet. Have a great workout!! Use #DoBCx and #PfitBlog to connect with other BCx Boot Campers on social media! DAILY INSIGHT: Are you ready for today’s mission? You’re probably sore …

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BCx Boot Camp, 4-Week Online Program

Welcome to BCx! We designed this killer four-week, boot camp program for people who want to get extreme results who can’t take our program here in Vero Beach, Florida. Anyone can do anything for 4 weeks right? RIGHT! Yes, you can do this! If you want to get lean, get strong, get fit and get amazing results, you …

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