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lose it premiumHave you ever thought about upgrading your LoseIt app to the premium but just didn’t want to fork out the $39.99 just to try it? Well, now’s your chance to give it a try for 30 days FREE!!!!

The only way I can lose weight and lean out for a job or competition is to use the LoseIt!

Premium app. It holds me accountable, tracks my progress, helps me project my goal date, plan meals, gives me new meal ideas and keeps me on track. I’ve tried leaning out without it and have not succeeded even once. It is the key component to my own fitness success and how I was able to meet my goals for this weekend’s NPC Bikini fitness competition.

Use my special promo code: PFIT (PROMO CODE HAS EXPIRED) to get your free trial. Once you are premium, you get access to more features, plan meals ahead, get meal plans, recipes, workouts (with Steve and I), fitness tips and more!! It’s a great way to try before you buy. But, if you are like me, you’ll enjoy it so much that it will be worth the money to upgrade after your trial. I love how it syncs to my RunKeeper and other activity trackers and let’s me customize my app to help me meet my needs! To me, it’s the most valuable fitness app on the market.

What’s NEW!!

They are launching a new detailed meal plan (WOOO HOOOO!) – and a whole new set of workouts with us very soon! Just the meal plans alone are SO valuable. I charge $99 to write a 1-week plan! You’ll get it FREE with your premium account!! But don’t wait another second to get the upgrade because this promotion (and chance to get the month free) is only for a week.

Get a FREE month NOW by using my code PFIT at LoseIt!



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  1. Jo Ann Woodbury

    Your code PFIT is not working

  2. Nail Deeva

    Is there a new promo code? Because the PFIT doesn’t work.

  3. Mia Brumfield

    It didnt work for me

  4. Alexandra Salomon

    I tried using Pfit and PFIT and neither code is valid (Jan 9 ’17)

  5. Marie Smith

    *Free trial

  6. Marie Smith

    Do you have a free trail for the new years? I’m super excited about this app

  7. Sarah

    I finally got the upgrade to premium because of your code and the fact that they will be posting a detailed meal plan by you and Steve. Do you know when they’ll post it?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      It starts August 1st!!

  8. summer

    I tried the code and it was not working for me

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      It’s just PFIT :)

      1. Melody

        it isn’t working for me either, it says “promo code invalid”

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