JAN 14: 2 Signs You Don’t Have Control Of Your Diet

What you eat in public

I don’t know who we think we are fooling when we think we can get away with eating crappy food, or eating too much food, just because no one sees us doing it. Even if we eat with no one watching, and we throw away all the wrappers and the pizza box, there will still be evidence of our poor choices eventually – and that evidence shows up as body fat, muscle loss and/or weight gain.

We need to make sure we aren’t just “acting” health, but we ARE healthy. If you really want to get results, it’s time to be honest with yourself and deal with your food demons. It’s time to clean up your act because your food should look as lean and healthy as you want to look.

Come out of the closet

2 signs you don’t have control of your diet:

over exercising1. You workout all the time. Are you, or someone you know constantly at the gym, yet still struggling with their weight? Does that make you a bad person? No, it just means you are super disciplined with exercise – but it can also mean that you are not disciplined enough with your diet. If you manage your diet better, you could relax a little and not have to workout so much. To get the best results, you should be as disciplined in the kitchen as you are in the gym.

2. You are gaining weight, or not losing weight. You can complain all day long and tell me all the reasons you are not losing weight, but weight loss comes down to one thing – calories in vs. calories out. The fact is, 9 times out of 10, it’s not what you are DOING but what you are EATING. A simple fix is counting every calorie you eat for 7 days straight. If you lose weight, then you know you have been eating more than you thought.

“…make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” Romans 13:14

How often do we think of how much we want to indulge, planning our cheat meal, dreaming of food. We should be thinking of ways to resist it, practice control and think of things that are helpful to us and others. 


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  1. NoraMia Jenkins

    Hello you am small. My actual weight is like 114 to 124. But since am tk Thyrod pills. Its seems the one my dr l hace now have me on l notice it mk you gain weight and stomach blots. I weight myself and it says like 135 to 138. What is it can l do to get back down to my nirmal weight. Am not fat. I found out thr thyroid pill mk you gain weight and yiur stomach a blot.

  2. Shena

    Is there anything you can recommend to curb hunger? As I workout more , I’m hungry more often and my stomach growls loud that people at work hear it. lol it’s kind of funny but it’s embarrassing too.

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