Fat Burning Bikini Workout

snatch overhead lunge

This workout is a fat-burning workout with an emphasis on toning the lower body, shoulders and abs. Weight and rest is SUPER important. Weight should be challenging and rest should not go one second over the prescribed rest time. Each round should take 15 minutes, making this workout a killer 45 minute workout. Click on the exercise to see video demonstration.

40 Seconds Box Jump
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Thrusters (35LB OR 45LB)
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Snatch to Overhead Lunge (10, 12, or 15LB DBS – pictured above)
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Tuck Jumps
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Jump Rope
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Assisted Pull-up (use bands to assist or do HEAVY pull downs)
60 Seconds

40 Seconds Diagonal Elbow to Knee Plank Crunch
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Bicycle Crunch
60 Seconds Rest

40 Seconds Kettlebell Swing (HEAVY!!)
20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds Step Back Lunge (with 10, 15, 20 OR 25LB DBS   or PLATES)
60 Seconds Rest

Complete 3 Rounds


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  1. besthomegymsexpert

    THis workout is awesome. Actually it’s very nice and healthy.

  2. Powermyself Weight Loss

    My adventure with weight loss has been an up and down roller coaster kind of journey. Your post and information is awesome! It puts me into another perspective for my self update plan. thank you for this!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      YAY! I think we all live on a roller coaster of ups and downs. The goal is to have more ups and less downs, but you will rarely go straight :)

  3. Caleb

    Awesome workout. When doing a fitness routine like this, it is important to have the right environment and equipment. The right flooring and shoes can make a huge difference on the impact for your joints, feet and knees.

  4. nonkungza3

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  5. bodybyshai

    You are a tough cookie – thats an awesome and challenging exercise !!

  6. Kim

    Love workouts like this with the high intensity bursts!! I’m pretty sure that 3 rounds of this will leave me in a sweaty puddle on the floor!!!

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