Is Your Head Ready for Weight Loss Success?

Fit brainEven though weight loss is primarily a result of reducing calories and increasing activity, there is one part of your body you must get in shape first before you even begin your weight loss journey.

Your mental health affects everything you do, including tackling fitness goals. If you think about it, success always starts in your brain. You have the power to talk yourself into going for a run, as well as talk yourself out of it. The way you think determines the direction you are headed, however, many people neglect to properly prepare their brain before they make New Year’s Resolutions.

In my recent article for Answers.com, I discuss five ways to get your brain fit for success this year. Before you set goals, before you lift your first weight, before you step on a scale, get your brain in shape first – because it’s impossible to be truly healthy with an unhealthy mindset. READ MORE

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  1. Dan

    Great post – especially the part about negative mindsets. If you think you’re going to fail – you will. If you know you’re going to succeed, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it true.

    One more way you can see if your head’s right for success is stress. A stressed mind and stressed body tends to gain weight. Clear it out and the fat will clear off too!

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    PFITblog » Is Your Head Ready for Weight Loss Success?

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    PFITblog » Is Your Head Ready for Weight Loss Success?

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