20 Terrific Tummy Tightening Exercises

There are a lot more exercises to work your abs than just crunches. Unfortunately, many people can’t think of more than 3 or 4 abdominal exercises, so they get tired of the few they know pretty quick.

ABsolutely Awesome Give-A-Way

designer wheyToday I’m going to not only give you 20 of some of my favorite ab exercises you can put to the test, but I’m going to give you a chance to share some of your favorite exercises for a CHANCE TO WIN a HUGE Designer Whey protein package that will keep you stocked up for the ENTIRE YEAR!!

All you need to do is post your favorite ab exercisE below (even if it’s listed already). In the comments on this blog, post as many exercises as you want (as separate comments) and share it on your social media! Share a whole ab workout if you want! The more you share and the more exercises you comment, the more chances you have to win!!  You have until midnight October 6th to enterI will announce a winner Monday

20 Terrific Tummy Tightening Exercises

  1. absCrunch
  2. Sit-up
  3. Reverse Crunch
  4. Cable Crunch or Kneeling Band Crunch
  5. Plate Crunch
  6. Bicycle Crunch
  7. Flutter Kick
  8. Oblique Crunch
  9.  Snowboarder Crunch
  10. Crunch And Punch
  11. Toes to Bar
  12. Take It Or Leave It Abdominal Crunch
  13. Snow Angel
  14. V-up
  15. Side V-up
  16. Knee Raise or Hanging Knee Raise
  17. Plank
  18. Side Plank
  19. Pulse Side Plank
  20. 2-Point Stance

Here is the cool matching graphic for Pinteresters and Instagrammers! :) Have fun!!



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  1. Becky

    Who was the lucky winner of this contest?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      It was Eva Savage in Kentucky :)

  2. chopstix2112

    slow bicycle crunch…killer!

  3. Katie Meneely

    Definitely #4! I love the cable crunch. It’s challenging, fun, you can continually add resistance, & it works. Over the last couple years I have worked really hard to lose weight. I started at 315lbs & am currently down to 169lbs. I’ve started lifting heavy the last 6 months or so & have seen dramatic changes in toning in my arms, legs, back & shoulders, but not so much in the abs, until I added in cable crunches a few weeks ago. They really deliver the results I want!! My second fave would def be planks! ;)

  4. sportsnyfan

    Toes to Bar

  5. Shannon Sims

    Stability Ball Lunge switch ups. Place one leg both lower shin and toes on the ball with the other leg in a bent knee lunge position and your hands on the ground in a pushup formation. Pull forward and raise the floor leg to the ball and as your rolling slightly back place the other leg on the ground. Each push forward you switch your legs. I do 3 sets of 20 on each side. Forced plank with low hip hinge movements for lower ab definition. Bonus, it works back (both lower and upper,) shoulders, chest, legs and butt…But kills abs.

  6. sportsnyfan

    Russion Twist

  7. ajohnsont

    I also like a three minute workout with 50 seconds on 5 seconds off. The first exercise is toes on a Swiss ball in plank and you tap alternating toes to the floor while balancing on one leg. Second exercise is get ups without using your arms. The third exercise repeats the first. you can only rest 5 seconds between the first and the second

  8. ajohnsont

    My favorite exercises are the ones that challenge me, so my favorite ab exercise is plank to Pike with my toes balancing on a body ball or a Swiss ball. Try doing 25 of those without rest. And for even more of a challenge, after each plank do a pushup.

  9. Dionne

    Spiderman push-up

  10. sportsnyfan

    Knee Raise

  11. Rebecca

    I love the good old fashion crunch, with a proper diet I always see results. :)

  12. kassiem

    I love to v up wit a 45 pound plate n also the bicycle crunch

  13. Nicky

    Choices, choices…… Well abs have recently become a much more “welcomed” exercise than ever before, so I have quite a few to list as my favorites! I don’t know the name of this first one, so I have to describe it: My newest favorite right now (that still has an affect on me currently) is one where you lay down with legs slightly spread and knees towards ceiling, feet on floor -hold a kettle bell with both hands extended all the way over the top of your head, but do not let it touch the ground behind you, then swing the kettle bell with straight arms up over your head all the way up towards ceiling, then at this point do a sit-up (still straight arms) to where the kettle bell ends up elevated well over your knees! Lay back down to starting position. REPEAT over and over :) My next favorite is alternate side crunches on a very inclined bench that has the little spongy rolls you put your feet under, V-situps and alternate leg/arm V-situps, Dumb bell Russian Twist, Hanging leg raises in front and to the sides, Crunch on the Bosu Ball where you pull your pelvis up and in towards belly button while simultaneously crunching upper body upwards knees.

  14. Amber Haraldsen

    Twisting full sit-ups next to a bench step with a weight that you set down on the bench intermittently.

  15. Sarah

    Weighted Russian twists :)

  16. Kelly

    Planks :)

  17. Tracy OConnell

    I love elevated plank with knee to elbow, head, and other elbow!!

  18. sportsnyfan

    Snow Angel

  19. Shelleys

    Take It Or Leave It!

  20. Lisa


  21. Ginny

    Bicycle crunch!

  22. cheryl

    sit ups

  23. Carolyn

    V-ups, side V-ups, side planks.

  24. sportsnyfan

    Flutter kicks

  25. Stephanie Gibbons

    Side plank with leg lifted.

  26. Tracey Mah-Gillies

    Hanging leg raises!!!

  27. Peggy McCall Douglas

    crunches, planks

  28. Linda Buchanan

    Hanging abs, windshield washer hanging abs, straight leg hanging abs

  29. Ria

    30 Swiss ball sit ups followed by 30 medicine ball twists, followed by 20 sit ups plus 20 medicine ball twists followed by 10 sit ups and 10 medicine ball twists – really tough but worth it. No rest in between.

  30. Kelly Bacon

    Med Ball Slams

  31. Jawad ayub

    Oblique crunch

  32. Jawad ayub

    Hanging knee raise

  33. Jawad ayub


  34. sportsnyfan

    Side plank

  35. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick)

    almost forgot – V-UPS!!!

  36. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick)

    also love the Russian twists!

  37. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick)

    Love planks!

  38. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick)

    I also stumbled the post!

  39. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick)

    Hanging Leg Raises!

  40. Karen C

    Planks. Plain and boring. Love/ hate them!

  41. Pam P

    Hanging Knee Raises

  42. Ashley Donahue

    Hanging knee raises! Love them!

  43. Rana

    Man it’s so hard to choose. I love them and do them all!! But I would have to say my fav ab exercise would be v up and reverse crunch.

  44. wyattsmommie04

    Crunch & Punch

  45. wyattsmommie04

    2 Point Stance

  46. wyattsmommie04

    Reverse Crunch

  47. Debra Jolly Duque

    Doing different types of planks.

  48. Emily

    Russian Twists with feet raised off the floor using a 10 lb medicine ball!

    1. Rana

      Yes!!! One of my fav.

  49. Norita Bridges

    monkey pull ups (pull your knees up to your chest as you pull up)

  50. Norita Bridges

    side crunches while hanging from bar

  51. Norita Bridges

    knees to elbows

  52. Norita Bridges

    Toes to bar

  53. Paul DeMarco

    Love my oblique crunches…

  54. Danielle Sainz


    1. Rana

      V-ups is where it’s at!!

  55. Loralea McQueen

    I belong to 2 bootcamps, one straight up cardio, 2nd one a little bit of cardio and a lot of upper and lower strength training. What I find (that gives me the burn) is: 7, 8, 14, and 19. Love them and hate them at the same time. I was looking at some Whey products yesterday, I wanted to see if could help with before and after recovery. There was too many to choose from so I walked away, needless to say I was a little overwhelmed.

  56. Denise Rae Huggs

    I like the standing abs workout I found on a fitness magazines website a couple years ago; dumbbell side bend, standing core stabilization, bow extension, and reverse dumbbell chop.
    I had an old work injury that flares up when doing certain exercises, I can do all 4 of these without a problem and I still get nice tone.

  57. Angie Barger

    My Favorite ab workout is Kettlebell canoes. Sit on your butt with your feet crossed and legs lifted. Put the weight on one side and move from side to side while not letting your legs drop.

  58. Joey

    Planks! Do all the planks!!

  59. Kelly Silveira

    Reverse Crunch

  60. Sarah

    Leg raises and planks

  61. Kelly Silveira


  62. Kelly Silveira


  63. Ashley

    Stability Ball V-Ups – Killer, but wonderful!

  64. Mary Gillanders

    Pulse side planks! I have a LOVE and HATE relationship with these! My abs will hurt for a good day or two after doing these. :)

  65. awester

    “stirring the pot” With elbows bent and forearms on stability ball, get in plank position. Pull your lower abdominals in and attempt to keep torso stable as your forearms move the ball- 10 times in clockwise direction and 10 times opposite way. Make it more difficulty by raising one foot off the floor.

  66. audimariie

    Jackknives, cable crunches, hanging leg raises and weighted side bends.

  67. Alisha Afrank

    I love the plate crunch, then come all the way up!

  68. Kristi

    Oblique v-ups

  69. Joan Lee

    For obliques:
    Get into camel pose with (2) 5 lb. weights, lean back and with straight arms twist/rotate side to side slow and controlled. 3 sets of 12 on each side

  70. AnneMichelle johnson

    I do pool crunches – hang in the deep end with arm barbells and pull your legs up using only abs. Do obliques also by side pulling. Way hard with the weightlessness!

  71. Aleshia

    Bring on the Toe Ups!

  72. Kris Krawczak

    Crunch and punch!!! :)

  73. Eva Savage

    My favorite an exercise is toes to bar!!!!Ouch! They hurt but they work!!!

  74. Kimberley

    Hanging leg raises.

  75. emmarachelgray

    Great post! My personal favorite (these never fail to produce results) are hanging leg raises with a medicine ball between your knees. Killer burn= Powerful results!!

  76. Deb

    Plate crunch

  77. Dorothy RECONOSE

    Kneeling Cable ab pull down/crunch

  78. Kandis

    I love planks, they are my favorite!!

  79. Jennifer Welch

    I didn’t know what planks were until a friend showed me. I have a chronoc pain disease and situp and crunches hurt my back. Planks are now a way to do ab workouts and not hurt so bad. ;) So PLANKS it is for me!!!

  80. Julie

    oblique crunch !! :)

  81. Lisa Isham

    Planks are my fave!

  82. ednamonterrosa

    Russian TwiST, plank on Swiss ball, t push ups, pikes on Swiss ball, reverse crunch,

  83. Sherre

    Push up planks

  84. Dawn borders

    I love V ups I feel it all over :)

  85. Ginny

    All those crunches, your lower back will be screamin. I’m a fan of the DVRT lateral bag drag… Most bang for your buck.

  86. Kim

    I love Russian twists with a medicine ball!

  87. Desiree Pina

    Hanging knee raise with a @25 plate chained to the waist!

  88. Dave

    Wood Chop

  89. Amanda Kugatow

    I feel the most from hanging leg raises and hanging side knee raises. Its a love/hate thing really!

  90. Melissa Eikenberry

    Around the world in 2 minutes! 30 seconds each way! Begin with a face down plank, left side plank, face up plank, and right side plank. Make it more difficult by taking a second trip around the world and add motion to each plank move:) (knee kisses, hip drops, and kick outs)

  91. Tiffany F

    Seated knee tucks

  92. Jodi Howe

    Mine is still the old stand by Crunch. I have tried Planks but still not good at them. I keep pushing.

  93. Kristi McGregor

    Mountain climbers on a BOSU ball.

  94. Tiffany F


  95. wayne

    Plank with feet on a med ball

  96. Kristi McGregor

    Russian twists with a 40 lb medicine ball.

  97. Melissa Genestra

    Bicycle twist.

  98. Susan Fikes

    Partner situps with medicine ball!

  99. Melissa Eikenberry

    Twist to the fist!

  100. Brenda

    Side plank on elbow. Have a 3 or 5 lb weight in opposite hand. Reach under your side with hand weight then reach up above your head.

  101. mama2cj

    Planks. They seem so easy to start with but they are deceptive.

  102. Merritt

    Leg throw downs!

  103. Loraine Coffman

    Dog crunches. I work out with my dog and As I crunch up I lift him.

  104. stephanie

    Leg raise throw down using Bodylastics UltraAnchor. BURN BABY! BURN!

  105. Kristi McGregor

    Bicycle crunches!!

  106. Brenda

    Plank on hands with feet on stability ball–hold for 1 min

  107. chris genore

    Weighted Incline crunches w/dumbells

  108. Brenda

    Plank with elbows on stability ball & feet on a step–hold for 1 min

  109. Brenda

    Sit on stability ball. Holding an 8 lb (or heavier) medicine ball. Feet about shoulder width apart. Lean back while lifting the ball over your head. As you sit up, throw the ball to your partner to catch. The partner will throw it back as you start the process over. **really works!!**

  110. Tina Foster

    C-crunch out into an iron cross with shoulder blade OFF the floor at ALL times!

  111. KMarple

    GHD sit ups!!! Hurts to sneeze or cough after!

  112. Emmy Hites

    Plank- hands to forearms, back up

  113. Mary Blythe

    I love planks while moving legs alternately out and in…very effective…

  114. Tanya Moorehead

    Plate Crunch

  115. Tammi Fitzwater


  116. Tammi Fitzwater

    bicycle crunches

  117. Becky W

    Reverse Crunch and flutter kicks

  118. wayne

    Side plank

  119. Courtney M

    I L.O.V.E. love toes to bar :)

  120. christine Daugherty

    Flutter kicks and planks!

  121. Samantha holland

    Plank!! Love it!!

  122. Laura

    DDPYoga~ Red Hot Core :)

  123. Teresa C.

    Planks are my favorite!

  124. greeniejoey

    Side lunge with a lateral raise

  125. greeniejoey

    Wall crunch with a twist. While laying on a stability ball plant your feet on the wall. While maintaining your balance twist to the side.

  126. greeniejoey

    Mountain climbers using a stability ball

  127. greeniejoey

    Oblique ball roll.

  128. greeniejoey

    I don’t know the name for this but I like it! Grab a 5- to 10-pound medicine ball and kneel on the floor with your knees hip-width apart. Lengthen your spine and press the ball against your abs. Slowly lean back as far as possible, keeping your knees planted. Hold the reclined position for 3 seconds, then use your core to slowly come up to the starting position.

  129. greeniejoey

    I love this move! It’s an Arm Pull over Straight-Leg Crunch. Grab a 10 pound weight lie on your back with your arms behind you. Extend your legs at a 45-degree angle. Bring your arms up over your chest and lift your shoulders off the mat while raising your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor.

  130. greeniejoey

    Walk the Plank and Rotate. Get in plank position with your hands on a aerobic step. With your weight on your left arm, rotate your body while raising your right arm toward the ceiling. Return to plank position and step your right arm down to the right of the bench, then your left arm down to the left of the bench.

  131. greeniejoey

    Stability Ball Pelvic Tilt Crunch

  132. greeniejoey

    Squat sweep. A basic squat with a dumbbell but as you squat you bring the weight to your side twisting your abs as you do.

  133. greeniejoey

    Warrior III balance crunch. If you add a weight it helps as well

  134. greeniejoey

    Standing oblique crunch with a weight

  135. greeniejoey

    Low hover is basically a modified plank with a bend your left knee and lower it to the mat beneath your right knee

  136. greeniejoey

    Cardio helps cut down on the waist line as well. 30 minutes every day really does help :)

  137. greeniejoey

    Pilates t-stand

  138. greeniejoey

    Standing side twist

  139. greeniejoey

    Ball curls. Seriously a stability ball is genius!

  140. greeniejoey

    Dumbbell deadlift

  141. greeniejoey

    Lying hip twists

  142. greeniejoey

    Mason twists

  143. greeniejoey

    Reverse crunches

  144. greeniejoey

    Flutter kicks

  145. greeniejoey

    Scissor kicks

  146. greeniejoey

    Lying leg lifts

  147. greeniejoey


  148. greeniejoey

    Mountain climbers with a twist.

  149. greeniejoey

    Pilates!!! You can feel the improvement as you dedicate yourself to a pilates program.

  150. greeniejoey

    I love stability ball exercises for my abs!

  151. AshleyM

    Love the one where you lay on the ground and a partner tries to throw your feet to the ground while you try to resist

  152. jerseygirl67

    spider man planks

  153. jerseygirl67

    Weighted Russian Twists

  154. Michelle Fannin

    suicide planks

  155. Larissa

    V ups

  156. Larissa

    Planks all varieties

  157. Rachelle Lane

    PLANK! For those who complain about crunches and sit ups – NO EXCUSES!

  158. sportsnyfan


  159. Ria

    7 stairs with your legs – lying down raise and lower your legs so that they get lower every time – as if you are going down stairs 7 times.

  160. wyattsmommie04

    Bicycle Crunch

  161. Jamie Keuchel

    Russian Twists

  162. Nicole Gonzalez

    Russian twists, v-ups, weighted sit ups, in and outs, leg raises, bicycle crunches!!!

  163. jamie smith

    Stability ball ab pikes, hanging knee raises and hanging oblique crunches, c-sit star crunches, straight leg raises while on floor (hands under lower back lift and lower legs).

  164. sportsnyfan

    Bicycle crunch

  165. Lemons 'n Lyme

    spider men

  166. Lemons 'n Lyme

    mountain climbers

  167. Lemons 'n Lyme

    Russian twists sitting on a bosu

  168. Lemons 'n Lyme

    plank suicides

  169. Lemons 'n Lyme

    stability ball lateral sit-ups

  170. sportsnyfan


  171. sportsnyfan


  172. Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream

    While lying on your back, leg lift + hip raise!

  173. Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream


  174. CarlyJones

    Side plank, ab tuck, front plank, knee to ops elbow – (both sides). side plank, (other side), ab tuck. front plank (knee to ops elbow and repeat

  175. Tabitha (@tbb525)


  176. Tabitha


  177. Bridgette Murray

    Lying straight-leg raises with a stability ball between your feet. Great for lower abs!

  178. Denise Farris


  179. missdahm

    Planks, hip taps, Russian twist, v-sits, and reverse crunches! :)

  180. Steve Small

    Cable crunch

  181. Jamie Keuchel

    Take it or Leave it!!

  182. Debra L Nettleton

    my favs are the jacknife and pick pockets!

  183. Jean

    Crunchy frogs!!

  184. Tiffany

    My fav ab exercise is the rocking plank!!!

  185. Meghan Grace

    Doing the “100” (well OK, the “75”! HA!) on the Pilates Reformer!

  186. Ria

    Whilst laying down doing The alphabet with legs A-Z

  187. Ria

    Hanging Around The World.

  188. TracyinSC

    Stability ball transfers.

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