I recently did a survey on facebook asking “What do you need most: Motivation or Education?” The answer was Motivation – hands down.

This speaks very loudly to me. As a girl who loves to motivate and encourage people to chase their fitness dreams and make it through each day, it made me wonder what I can do to help. Are my blogs and posts helpful? Do I make a difference? Can I encourage these people any more than I already try to do? What can people, like myself, do to motivate America? (Yes, I’m still working on world peace too) ha!

Well, one thing it does tells me is people know what they need to do. I know I write a lot of tips and educational blogs to help people “get” fitness, but the results of this survey tells me people already know they need to eat less and workout more. However, everyone overanalyzes things, searches for quick fixes, and waits for people to just ‘tell them what to do’, all to avoid the inevitable – actually WORK. 

For example, I signed up a new member yesterday and I asked her when she wanted to start. She said “Monday“. Well, it WAS Monday, so obviously she was talking about NEXT Monday. So, I’m thinking to myself, “you were just crying to me about how you don’t like yourself and are tired of being overweight, but you want to wait a whole week to start getting fit?” This baffled me. I replied with “let me rephrase that, what time would you like to come in tomorrow?” Geesh! I wasn’t about to let her wait a flippin’ week to start working out. IT’S TIME TO START ‘PADDLING’!

This is how I think so many of us (me included) treat fitness. Instead of running to the gym, we decide we talk about getting in shape, we ponder it, plan it, and we even dream about doing it – but we often continue to put it off and make excuses. Maybe your need for motivation is based on the fact you are still in the pondering, procrastinating stagnant stage. Maybe you would want more education if you were actually DOING what needed to be done. Maybe you are working out but you have become complacent – avoiding new things or challenges. Maybe, just maybe, you are relying on motivation more than action to get the job done.

What are you going to do – just stand there?

Are you looking for an easier way? That ain’t gonna happen.
Are you looking for someone to practically do it for you?
 Pills & shortcuts don’t work or last. 

Waiting for that special magical motivational moment? Don’t hold your breath. 
Waiting for someone to PUSH you to the gym? It may happen, but do you really want to put YOUR body in the hands of chance and a friend who cares more about their own body than yours?

I can try to motivate you all day long but if you don’t actually DO something, all my blogging and posting are for nothing – just a waste of time and energy. I don’t post this stuff to ‘be seen’ or get noticed, I post this stuff for it to be applied so it can change YOUR life. This is what I feel God called me to do, knowing none of you can be good parents, workers or friends, etc if you are unhealthy or working at your fullest potential. I write to make you think, to encourage you, to inspire you, to educate you – all to MOTIVATE you to ACT on it.

Whether you have NEVER worked out a day in your life or you are a seasoned fitness fanatic, EVERYONE can do something more than they are currently doing. Maybe it’s not working out more – maybe it’s cracking down on your diet more or trying a new program. RIGHT NOW: Think of what you know you need to change in your life. Now, like Nike says, “JUST DO IT!“. (yes, it IS just that simple).

Fill in the blanks:
1.) I  know I need to: _________________________________________…
2.) In order to succeed I must: ___________________________________…
3.) I have been blaming ___________________________… for too long.
4.) I commit to ______________________________________________…
5.) I am going to tell these 5 friends about my new commitment: ________…

– Make your decision public. Comment below if you plan to make a change.
– Already made a change & working on it? Make it public & encourage others & post a comment.
– Comment topics you think would be helpful for people like yourself.
– Share your success or feedback if you feel blogs and posts, like mine, help.
– Share your ideas on ways we can all help to impact more lives to help America get fit.